On The Scene: Tango 08-12-2011


Tango really has really found its groove, finally on utilizing what they have. For starters, it probably has the biggest space for a show in town (not including the stadiums), allowing ample room for both musicians, fans, and acoustics. In addition, Tango smartly makes use of its 1st floor, which basically is a mini version of the more traditional venue upstairs. On this particular night, the smaller scale setting below proved perfect for Helen Feng’s Nova Heart and NYC’s own French Horn Rebellion.


Anyone who has followed my site knows full well of my music crush on Helen Feng. Let me say this – Helen Feng (in whatever carnation) can work wonders on a small stage. Rarely have I seen a singer flirt and tease a crowd like Helen does. Smiles, winks, hand gestures, and eye contact – she utilizes every trick in the book and nails them with flying colors. Both guys and gals couldn’t drag their eyes away. Even my friend I dragged along with me was blushing red by the end of her song, “Ethereal” seen here.

 However, what really seals the deal though is once again her voice – ghostly and sexy, and most importantly confident. Nova Heart provides an ideal outlet for that voice – slick subterranean neo-noir disco beats accompanied with glossy bass and guitar from Bo Xuan and Wang Hui. In many ways Nova Heart seems like Helen’s attempt to bridge her indie sensibilities with pop aspirations, an ambitious endeavor for sure in Beijing, yet alone China. Well if tonight was any indication, then she’s on the right track. Check out her song “Evil” below.

I really didn’t know what to expect from French Horn Rebellion – I figured them for a duo DJ group who happened to also help produce one of the best albums of last decade, MGMT’s Time To Pretend. Well I was dead wrong. French Horn Rebellion is a fully fleshed sibling duo band out of Brooklyn – a two person juggernaut party, who sing their own super grand electro pop tunes, play meaty dreamy synths, remix the best that electronic indie has to offer, and yes, as their name implies, play the French horn.

And you better believe it, these two brothers knew exactly how to interact with the audience, jumping into the crowd, getting into playful arguments with each other, and even going at one another mono e mono. It was obvious they were having a ball, and the energy they brought to the floor really complemented their array of musical styles and beats. It was, for lack of a better word, infectious, and contained some of the most gleeful electrifying danceable beats I’ve heard in sometime. This picture pretty much sums up the awesomeness that was bestowed upon me. \"fhr1\"

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