On The Scene: Old What? Bar 21-10-2011


A last minute ditch effort to salvage a failed Wudaoku trip, I hadn’t originally planed on attending a show, yet alone one at the Old What? Bar. However, as though guided by some malevolent force, an hour after I had bailed on my cab ride toward university central, I found myself veering into what is slowly becoming one of my favorite venues. There’s something about having a place so freaking tiny, that it barely holds thirty people; a place where the walls are busted open to make more room; where a chessy nebula plasma ball sits on the bar – the Old What? Bar is dirty, trashy, and I guess was exactly what I was looking for. I arrived in time to catch Low Bow tweeting out on his soundboard and guitar – this was ambient music with a capital A but for the most part, I dug it. They did two sets, one before the main act and one after, and for sure the second helping went down a lot easier, as it incorporated for blues with a dosage of grit for good measure.

Battle Cattle wailing away

However, the real highlight was the expat trio Battle Cattle based out of Shanghai, who surprised the hell out of me. A loud, trashy, energetic mash-up of ska and punk – it was downright infectious. The cramped space only enhanced their sound and rightfully put each of the singers in the spotlight, including their drummer who almost stole the show. I wish I could see more of them, but alas, all I have got is this equally trashy video, my only attempt to record the awesomeness on hand – I suppose a fitting video for Old What? Enjoy!

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