On The Scene: Old What? Bar 03-10-2013

Note: Did a full sweep last night and realized I deleted all my pics in the past week – deal with it.


But really I didn’t even need to bring the camera to this one. Basically the third time this past month catching thruoutin and Guiguisuisui which can’t be good for you. So while you can scrap this post under the ‘Jingweir’ fanclub file, there was one notable, kick to the balls difference – mother fucking Mii, who quite literally twisted the Old What? Bar sees on its side. At one point I was certain someone had spiked my drink, or else this was my first acid flashback. I recall spitting out the words “This feels like kindergarten all over again”. And I meant that with the utmost praise.

That’s how you have a jamfest people. Hands down one of the performances of the year. That’s either saying a lot abut me, or there’s something brewing in the music scene that’s needs to get tapped immediately.


Blah blah blah, trashy blues, Gameboy antics, skateboard wankery and a mid-section alter ego reveal, gotta say Guiguisuisui is tightening up his act. And while the man is once again kicking it solo, he’s beginning to own his sound more and more.

If you could even own something like that (or want to). Straight up feral. Usually the first step to feeling that that Beijing mindset.

Or covering a song by the Pairs. That too.


Blah blah blah, sleek, hazed out electronica, a trouble making MacBook, and closet K-Pop star in the making, thruoutin brought a beats-heavy seat to the hole in the wall.

Beneath the tribal beats, uptempo, ‘hole in the brain’ jazzy wall of sound there’s a pop singer at heart just to be let loose.

Someone’s gotta let this guy run wild on the decks at Wu Club. Like now.


The fun really began when experimental jam collective Mii assembled on stage, snatched every instrument nearby, and raised their freak flag high and proud. And holy shit I found myself rolling on the floor in delight.

Much credit must go to the bass and drums, who as a fellow compatriot put it, are the heart and soul of the outfit – without finding the groove these songs would have no way to go. Essentially they are the guides which leaves Dee and Quan Xin free to roam as they please (with Wrinkler on as a extra layering of offbeat funk) and, fuck, it’s a miracle how off the hinges they can push it all the while keeping within the constraints of the beat. And frankly, I’d take this any day the slew of up-and-coming bands who are consistent and on point each and every performance. Know what they’re missing: organic moments of spontaneous musical discovery. Bliss I tell ya.

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