On The Scene: Mao Livehouse 14-10-2011

Here’s the first in a new series I’ll be calling “On The Scene” – a collection of thoughts, photos, and videos of recent live shows around the town.


It can often be challenging making it to a show with such obstacles like convincing your friends, money woes, or inebriation. But sometimes if one overcomes all of those, one can make going to a show quite an adventure. So I’m proud and glad to say that I was able to make it to Mao Livehouse last Friday, though a certain wine fair in town tried to break my will or my ability to get from point A to point B.


Getting there late, wine glass still in hand, I was certain that we’d miss Residence A, the only band I had seen, but thanks to Mao’s ‘drawing straws’ system for band order, we only missed the beginning of their set. As expected, Residence A did not disappoint – they were energetic as ever, and immediately my feet were moving. I need to reiterate, these guys are one of the most exciting bands around. They even played a few songs I hadn’t heard before, which I dug the hell out of. And you just gotta love the ‘crazy eyes’ the lead singer has.

I skipped the next band, a metal group (wine and metal don’t mix well), and instead indulged in conversation with a few locals who were raving about the next band, Me Too, a band whose name I had seen many a times, but have never actually seen.


Me Too is a different beast from Residence A for sure, but I was mightily impressed with their sound. The singer has this chill, soft-spoken silvery voice that is at once creepy and calming. The other members were great as well, providing a great mix of classic post-rock sound with electronic backing. No doubt I’ll be checking them again after last night.


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