On The Scene: Mao Livehouse 07-11-2013


It was a merry first week of November where I laid off the local acts for a little taste of what the rest of Asia had in store – or more specifically what Australia and it’s ‘brother from another mother’ New Zealand have been cranking out down yonder. This particular evening at Mao Livehouse, I was introduced to Kiwi bands Carb on Carb and Gods Bows To Math for some good ol’ fashion alt rock and hard-hitting noise rock.

Hells yes. Eat your heart out Peter Jackson – bet you never ran into a bunch like these. Check out more below. And don’t forget to pick up the Pairs/God Bows To Math 7’’ vinyl here and here if that’s your get-up.


Carb on Carb was nice little blast to the past – their throwback 90s alternative rock bought back the good old days before indie was even a label.

Breezy, wistful with just enough rough around the edges, Carb on Carb is youthful brooding done right.

All those incredibly awkward junior high moments elevated to hyperbole – these two have the soundtrack for you.


If Carb on Carb was all introspective angst, then God Bows To Math were the vindictive high schoolers lashing out. Aggressive, brash, and boisterous, these three shoot to kill – just take their take on Pairs’ infamous ‘I Wanna Die In The Ocean’ which turns up the epicness to near deafening levels.

Respect. Let’s hope New Zealanders make the trip out to the Big Red more often. And kudos to my audio mastering team, aka MC. That’s how you make Mao Livehouse sound good.

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