On The Scene: Jianghu Bar 31-08-2013


Nothing like a lil Americana to kick off the night courtesy of them Randy Abel Stable boys. Honky tonk, country, and bluegrass – the staples of whiskey induced bittersweet wistfulness and boy does it go down smooth. You’re either in or you’re out.

Check out some more from the stable who celebrated the release of their debut, Stable Condition, at Jianghu Bar last weekend. And remember, banjos make everything better.


There’s something fascinating and even surreal about hearing bluegrass filtered though the experience of Beijing.

Stories of hutong bar hopping, sassy French ladies, riding off on scooters, even Bob Dylan’s visit to Worker’s Stadium – it all rings true to the themes of the genre – arrested development, nostalgia, and the women we love and the booze we take to forget. Of course I’m reading a bit much into it but Beijing is the last stop on the map for a bittersweet song to finds its way back home.

Jumping back and forth between covers and originals, the boys put on quite the show, though I did have to bow out early to give my parting words to another blues-ridden alt-country band of a different ilk. No before I was treated to a might damn fine rendition of Hank Thompson\’s \’Wild Side of Life\’.

Hope these boys find time to give another show, preferably on a grassy knoll so Randy\’s bare feet find some sort of comfort in this topsy turvy city.

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