On The Scene: Hot Cat Club 15-06-2012


Beijing blues…everyone gets them from time to time…a mix of homesickness, work overload, and venomous bitter contempt against everyone around you, though mostly just yourself. Yeah I was in a funk. Luckily, my friends weren’t, and against my will they got me out of the apartment, and by the time we reached Hot Cat Club to celebrate their three years in Gulou, spirits were up, drinks were had, and the love was back!


Spider Hugs, the expat band which play a mix of Billy Joel–esque ballads and cute pop rock, really didn’t cut it too much for me. But that’s me – the crowd, which mostly was made up of cute female laowais’, were eating up the sweet serenading of lead singer and the rest of the band.

I don’t wanna call out a band for wanting to get ass so blatantly, but for some reason, I could picture these guys one day deciding to hedge their chances of getting laid on forming a band together.

Who knows, maybe it was jealously speaking. Am I still in a funk? Anyone want to start a band? I tear it up on the triangle.


And then the freaks came out to play with Rolling Bowling. How can you not love these guys…it’s impossible, a paradox. They’re infectiously good. I wouldn’t be surprised if these boys start finding groupies stalking them from gig to gig – they have this uproarious attitude that’s confident and sexy, very much like the genre itself.

Oh, and thanks to the laowai who stealthy moved past me during this song and left a care package in the form of rancid puke all over my foot – you know who you are. Somehow I was so caught in Rolling Bowling that I didn’t notice the squishy sensation between my toes till after I put the camera down. If this was any other band, Id probably would have went on a manhunt for the sorry bastard, but the music was calling the shots tonight, and it told me to Dance, Dance, Dance – so thanks RB for livening the mood and keeping me leveled. Miracle workers I tell ya!

And congrats to Hot Cat Club, who have keep things laid back and inviting for the past years. Let’s roll out another three!

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