On The Scene: Hot Cat Club 14-07-2012


Jingweir turned me Jia Huizhen a few months back, the electro-pop petite singer from Ningxia who has slowly been building a fanbase base these past few years. Though pop isn’t normally my dig, I have been known to be a big softie when it comes to electro pop. Match that with some more than honest lyrics, swift trip-hop beats, and a commanding voice well, yeah, you’ve got me on board and making my way to the Hot Cat Club.

There’s something about Jia Huizhen’s stage presence that’s perplexing to say the least. She has this awkward stagger to herself that’s offbeat and withdrawn as if she uncomfortable in her own skin. There’s something reassuring to the idea that the girl with the beautiful voice is just as insecure and timid as a lot of us are. And the beats Yao Sichen have cooked up on which basically seems like a Kaoss pad are fluid and sensual without being over complicated.

But really, it falls on that great voice which full of staggering emotion. She harnesses it to make some catchy melodies, but with a lot of dark undertones – a frustration and anger that boils over until she’s lashing out with everything she’s got. I especially am digging her song “梵心” – which I’ve included the lyrics for below…

崇拜是一种食粮 慰籍着我的幻想 每一次不一样
Adoration feeds me
Comforting scriptures hold my dreams
Every time, they change
崇拜你像个孩子 代替了所有故事 出离无尽纷扰
Adoring, you\’re like a child
Replace all your old stories
Find harbor in the storm

你大声唱 天与地之间永永远远和平吧
You sing out loud
\”All the world wants peace and harmony to rule\”
但这一次 你来践踏
But this time, you\’re trampled down
How did you lose your way?

你崇拜奴隶主 宁愿被主人鞭挞
Adore the slave master
You know you want the lash
你装扮的额头 让我感觉到寒流 不相信你的话
You chill my very soul
You hide behind your masks
Give me no more lies

灯光点亮 天与地之间永永远远和平吧
You\’re in the spot light
You say \”the world wants peace and harmony to rule\”
无心自拔 别来践踏
Come away from harm
Don\’t be trampled down
为什么丢开 对你的崇拜 你不理睬 我们的爱
How could you stray in your adoration
Don\’t you see our candid love?
爱王牌手套 是王牌圈套 扔进悬崖
We love our ace up the sleeve
Love the traps of steel
Throw us into the deep

(未来是个陷阱 未来不敢接近
There are traps up ahead
Don\’t go near them, instead
对错靠谁决定 四周变得安静
Let mistakes be your guide
You\’ll have peace in your mind
你智慧的眼睛 你装扮的额顶
Your eyes full of wisdom
The mask still on your face
是什么样的心 激荡你的声音)
What kind of heart would hear you speak

未来是个陷阱 未来不敢接近
There are traps up ahead
Don\’t go near them, instead
All your precious dreams
Render unto it
你智慧的眼睛 欺骗了我的梵心
Your eyes full of wisdom
Deceives my Buddhist heart

打碎偶像 依然幻想 无心自拔 别来践踏
Break your idols
Regain your dreams
Step away from harm
Don\’t be trampled down
王牌手套 王牌圈套 扔进悬崖
Ace up the sleeve
Traps of steel
Throw us into the deep

That’s talent right there folks – I think as
Jia Huizhen gets more comfortable in her skin, we’ll be seeing big things from the duo in the near future.

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