On The Scene: Dos Kolegas 20-07-2012


Whoever set up the stage over at Dos Kolegas last weekend for Hanggai’s unplugged show, bravo, good sir, bravo. This was no dinky throw some plack on the grass, some flood lights overhead bullshit – this was strategic maneuvering my friends. Nothing was put to waste. With the exception of one too many cameras crews floating about – pot calling the kettle black right there, but at least I don’t need a spotter (most of the time) – this how you throw a backyard party. Any possible way we can keep that set-up for the reminder of summer and fall? Cause it’d be a shame to let all that lawn and open space (with no neighbors next door to bitch about the noise) go to waste. And when you got Hanggai bringing that sweet Mongolian grassland sounds, you know those sandals are coming off.

Heat can’t stop these warriors – they sounded better than ever tonight. To be honest I was expecting them to sound a bit more ‘unplugged’ – but as I mentioned earlier the technical wizards of the night were working magic – but hell, I like my Hanggai loud and clear.


While for the first half people were sitting on the grass taking in the pristine tunes, by the time they kicked midway into “The Drinking Song” spectators got on their feet, like they damn should, and started to sweat it out with the band. Even better, they brought out some of their new material.

Though it’s hard to say at first listen, especially without their guitars being plugged in, and acoustics all around, but it seems they are falling harder into their roots, into more nostalgic jubilant places which while in high spirits have a hint of melancholy. I found them to be quite lovely, and I can’t wait to hear them in the future after they get back from Europe. Hanggai away!!!!

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