On The Scene: Dos Kolegas 14-12-2012


When it snows in Beijing, it becomes just about impossible to find a cab. They’re there alright, but for some reason taxi drivers seem to have to assert the pros and cons of the situation and have concluded fuck it. So getting to Dos Kolegas on a snowy eve was an adventure in itself, which took two bus rides, and one American dollar to a heiche. But when you got Shanghai comic book rockers Friend or Foe on the bill along with thruoutin, Residence A, and the Devils at the Crossroad, well, fuck it, rock and roll.


thruoutin kicked things off with his brand of dreamy electronic chillax music that makes me wanna light some candles (among things) and get down with my inner Buddha.

One of the great thing’s about Brad’s performance is how organic it all feels. Though these are songs that Brad have been working on for sometime, it still is very much made in the moment and you get a sense that the man enjoys improving n the spot if the mood strikes him. It really makes for a genuine set that gives each song its own unique touch. Gotta love the pipa.


A couple days before Residence A would win the MIDI Award for Best New Artist, and the group is still playing each show like they’re having the time of their lives. It looks like there’s a hint of surefire ‘we got this in the bag’ feeling up there on stage.

In the bag indeed. I love the momentum these guys bring to their sets. Zhao Zhao is one tweaked individual and I couldn’t be gladder. Congrats boys on the win, and let’s make 2013 even better.


Friend or Foe were in town for the release of their remix album – sounds pretty gimmicky right? Honestly though, the idea is used to awesome effect here, giving local artists the chance to play in the sandbox of the band’s last album, and has resulted in some incredibly awesome mashups like this one.

But really, the album drop is just another excuse to see these boys tear it up here in the north. After just a year, it’s amazing how catchy some of their tunes remain.

Tongue firmly in cheek and emphasis on keeping the jams fast and furious, FoF’s ability to keep things on the light end while retaining the edge of deviance is just a hoot to watch. So yeah, while a lot of it is short in the emotional resonance department, there is such a high level of fun you could care less. Even then, they still have songs like “Almost Too Much”, which sneak on you in weird way.

Looking forward to what they have in store on in the year next, and after hearing more of their new stuff, I’m confident it’ll be a good time.


Last up was The Devils at the Crossroad, who were back in fine form. Speaking of good times, these guys know how to bring it in buckets.

Barreling down a bumpy dirt road with Miller Lite. That pretty much sums up the Devils. Stoner rock my ass, the more I get of them I more country I hear coming out of those guitars. They’re shredding for sure, but it’s hard to get that crazed redneck mentality out of them, Molotov cocktails and moonshine in the deep south. Hell, they even got an ode to the grand ol’ countryside – albeit followed by a cover of “The Ace of Spades”.

Righteous indeed.

Check out below for another two videos from Friend or Foe, including a new one. Oh and apologies for the shit sound people, it seems my recorder was on the fritz tonight – deal with it.

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