On The Scene: Dos Kolegas 12-04-2012


So yeah… didn’t get the memo about The Rocktigers cancelling last Thursday night at Dos Kolegas…I guess that’s the price you pay for refusing to get a smartphone. What’s a man to do you ask…hang my head low in technological defeat, scurry across town to catch another gig, burn the whole place to the ground – nah. How about a bottle(s) of wine in remembrance of my buddy’s stolen bike (RIP bike #3), drunken ramblings with the infamous Des McGarry of Black Cat Bone fame, and annoying Liu Miao by sticking around the joint wayyy too long while he tried to get some shut-eye on the bar. And to round out the salvaged night was Rolling Bowling on hand, the rockabilly band, who like true warriors gave it their all to make the best of the night.

Not too shabby boys – this is rockabilly done right. My immediate fears that they were a straight cover band were luckily subdued early. And once again, it’s refreshing to hear these guys singing in their native tongue, it simply goes down a lot smoother. And dang that slap bass is mighty phallic.

So thanks Rolling Bowling for jamming out with the unwise patrons at Dos Kolegas last week…check out their douban page here. Till next time!!


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