On The Scene: District 798 28-10-2011


By Sunday, Halloween weekend had stripped me of many of my precious possessions, including my phone, my hair, and my dignity among things. It was a long weekend for sure, one which started Thursday night with Boys Noize, which in a few words or less was a blast. Sadly, no pictures, no videos, but you get the gist. If he swings through town again, completely recommend checking him out. The weekend continued and concluded on Sunday with the Line 2 Subway Party – simply something that must be witnessed – a flash mob of costume wearing freaks bumrushing and invading a subway full of unsuspecting passengers. In between those nights I was lucky enough to catch Pet Conspiracy at the Ox Square Halloween party in good ol’ 798 (unfortunately, we missed Re-Tros due to our slow crawl toward Lido).


One thing is for sure – Pet knows how to put on a show. Like Queen Sea Big Shark, they put a lot into their costumes, set design, and most importantly their interaction with the audience. However, what really sets Pet Conspiracy apart from QSBS is their interaction with one another, and how they play off each other. The band really shines when it works as a collective, whether it be the ladies (Fiona and Mary) hissing at one another, joining in on Edo’s drum beats (quite literally), or Huzi guitar battling against the vocalists. The members have this great push and pull dynamic which works wonders up on stage.


Opening up with Rebirth (also their opening track on their debut album), while cleverly using those life threatening laser pointers found all over Gulou, the band proceeded to whip the crowd into a frenzy and didn’t let up till the very end, playing through most of the tunes on their album. As usual, they put on an electrifying show, turning 798 into a dancehall, and making another great Halloween memory. Below you can check out their song “Do you know Pet Conspiracy?” as well as some photos.


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