On The Scene: D-22’s Last Stand 13-01-2012


Good times D-22, good times. It was a little over a year ago that I paid my first visit to the Wudaoku staple, on Christmas Eve no less. I can probably count the times I’ve been there on my fingers but nevertheless I left many fond memories there (as well as countless brain cells), and well, simply put, I wish I could have been spent more time there. There has yet to be a venue in town as welcoming, homey, and downright comforting as D-22. At the end of the day, that may not what makes a place successful, but it did make D-22 so much more to people, including myself. So a toast to D-22 and all those who made it possible – and we look forward to what the crew puts together in the near future. \"IMGA0001\"
So how did D-22 go out last Friday night? With a whimper? A few teardrops? Heartfelt goodbyes? Hell no. How about with some punks outta Mongolia, vodka swigging, table hopping, and all around debauchery. Now that’s more like it – out with a bang!


Mohnaik, fresh out of Ulaanbaatar, is a punk garage band which as you can guess play really really infectious rock n’ roll. No fat on these boys – they were tight, energetic, professional, all the while keeping that youthful ‘fuck-it-all’ rebellious attitude intact. I love how there is barely any traces of traditional Mongolian sound. Whereas bands like Hanggai and other “traditional” Mongolian bands capitalize on their traditional sounds (not a dig), I’m almost tempted to say these guys bring more to the table in terms of cultural authenticity. These young city-dwellers are rocking out the only way their know how, and it’s endearing to see a band not be pigeon—holed based on their background. Mohanik effortlessly whipped the crowd at D-22 into a frenzy – seriously, this was a sweaty, drunken, feverish, frenzy. This was how I wanted to remember D-22.  I couldn’t of asked for a better farewell!


Note: No comment on Moon Tyrant as I unfortunately missed their act….next time guys!

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