On The Scene: Blue Stream Bar 23-01-2013

Sorry for the hiatus – kinda fell of the grid back in HK the past week breathing in that sweet sweet clean air.


I love the idea of sinking into a sofa and listening to music. And though more often than not I’m standing at a show, surrounded by sweaty dudes and a cloud of smoke sometimes you just gotta relax, slip back, and let the music come at you on your own terms. This particular Wednesday night at Blue Stream Bar was simply that – laid back electronic music with layer, thruoutin, and Cam Norton that explored the medium with skill, ease, and remarkable innovation without ever becoming overbearing. I sank into that couch like a champ.


layer is the perfect early morning (or whenever the hell you get up) music – there’s something subtle and beautiful about the way the music progresses from one beat or texture to another. I say texture because in may ways, the music here creates a mood, a setting, that is rife with layers (hence the name) which by themselves may amount to little else than lost sounds but when put together create a canvas for the artist to play with.

The melancholic tone (and accompany landscape visuals) creates the perfect soundtrack for a long journey. My friend next to me, was half-asleep by the time he finished – a compliment she insists.


thruoutin continues to impress. The slick, trip hop zenish melodies he has propelled are being refined more and more each time. He can practically hear the music finding its bearings throughout each song.

And while his instrumental beat-driven songs are righteous in their own right, it’s where thruoutin breaks out his Mandarin that I feel I’m seeing something special. What could easily come off as gimmick in turn becomes something genuine, enticing, and surprisingly catchy.

For better or worse, Brad pulls it off, though I’m curious to see how a Chinese girl would take to it – cause there’s something straight up sexy about this. Love the New Orleans flavor.


Not to knock the other players tonight, but it was definitely refreshing to see someone go sans a macbook. Cam Norton, using equipment that possibly is as old as the first mac, as well as a electronically-tuned trumpet, was probably the most schizoid artist of the night, and I might be inclined to say perhaps the most talented. Watching the man deconstruct sounds and beats only to rebuild them from scratch was like watching someone take scrap metal from a dump and create a multi-layered theme park.

One person’s trash is another’s treasure – and nothing goes to waste with this guy – he’s three steps ahead the whole time. He has essentially rewired the way you react to the music. Sophisticated indeed. Heck, I’m starting to firmly believe electronic music is a whole other ballpark. Some of you might want to take a swing sometime.

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