On The Scene: 751 D-Park 20-07-2013


So yeah, Saturday night. About that. Headed to 751 D-Park for the Urban Electronics Night party thrown by the Sinotronics boys with all intentions of filming the event. Well, things took a dark turn – and by dark, I mean shitty. And by shitty I mean I spent all Sunday curled up on my bed watching flicks. So let’s have a rundown of how the event went down, as I piece together what transpired as well – to sum, it was a friggin blast and congrats to the team for pulling off an event like this.

Never would have imagined finding myself at the MTV Music Video Awards. Oh wait. What.


Arriving in my most ‘chic’ outfit – which meant no tevas, and just plain ol’ flipflops – I came prepared to cover the event. I can’t say the same for my two compatriots – but hey, eye of the beholder. Or is wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey considered ‘chic’ nowadays. Thug life chic.


The night started with FM3, making intoxicating classy electronic music – deferring to stand up on the decks and instead having the audience enclose a circle around them, they brought some serious class (and white wine) to the event. Beautiful music – not actually the type of stuff to get you moving, but textured, radiant, and brimming with life.


The slosh-fest continued outside in the industrial hangout that is 751 D-Park – which is as close as I’ll get to being on the set of the original Batman. Just badass – really deserves to get used more often.


Threw back a few with recent acquaintance and electronic noise maker dee, who might just be one of the friendliest down to earth dudes in town. And shameless plug, I believe one can check him out this Sunday at Zajia Lab.


Managed to spill back into the visual mayhem and soundscape of FAR/∞ – and while the crowd was still a bit unsure as to how they should act (DANCE!!!!), I found myself a bit giddy at the sheer spectacle of it all. First of all, props to the sound crew – sound was top notch, every nook and cranny, every square meter was thought of. And the 360 (well 270 really) degree visual input – baller. Here’s a quick brain fuck.

Things get a bit hazy from here on out – Monolake was a treat, though there is no film to say otherwise. I went crazy for Dead J, though I heard half of that set from outside. Got in a fight with some kids at the mini mart down the street. They won.


Had some skittles. Um. Awkward conversation with my student. More tunes from Wang MengSU, and Lupen. I think. Some talk of alcohol-soaked tampons. Yeah, I’ll spare you all the details at this point.


So huge success. Electronic music given the proper respect in a pimped-out setting, with good people, and good old fashion inebriation. Here’s to hoping the peeps behind this have another trick up their sleeve before summers’ end. Cause I’m cravin’ it.


Note: that MTV MV Awards dig was totally Brads\’

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