On The Scene: 2013 MIDI Festival Day 3


Day Threes are always a bitch – really there\’s only so much the body can do. And after Day 1 at Strawberry and Day 2 at MIDI I didn\’t know how much left I had to give. Luckily, MIDI\’s Day 3 lineup wasn\’t messing around, and even better, most of it was confined to one stage, thus, allowing me to set up my teepee and lounge like the lizard king. This was my time to chillllllll. Which is pretty damn difficult when you have some of the craziest, fist-pumping, mosh pit worthy bands gracing the stage.

Reading a book whilst listening to bone crushing tunes – doesn\’t quite work that way. Check below for more from Nine Treasures, Residence A, Brain Failure, Suffocated, Long Shen DaoSMZB, and Yaksa.


After underestimating the traffic the previous day, I arrived nice and early. And boy was I glad, cause I finally got to feast my eyes on Nine Treasures who I hadn\’t caught since a year ago. Those Mongolians – they know how to rock.

Never like having the sun shine down on you and taking in some Mongolian infused heavy rock. Tight, seasoned, and cutthroat, those germans are gonna be in for treat come this summer when they make their way to Wacken.  Horse fiddle for the win!


It\’s official – Residence A are ready for the big leagues – just shower them in glory already.

It\’s amazing the leaps and bounds this band has made in the past year and a half, and they\’re presence on the big stage – well they looked comfortable as ever. Sooner or later, these boys are going to have to test their luck outside of Asia, cause the rest of the world deserves to see a band like this.


Enough salivating – time for Brain Failure to do what they do best. Throw the crowd into a frenzy.

Love Brain Failure\’s brand of punk for the ages. It\’s sincere, fun, and damn catchy. They\’re in the second wind of their career and there are riding it in style. Older and wiser, refined and experienced. Still one of my favorite bands to see on the big stage. If you haven\’t moshed to Brain Failure, well, it\’s a shame, that\’s what.


Flags so many flaggggsss. I cheated myself during Suffocated – literally shot this from behind the sound stage like a coward.

Shit looked way too intense for me. Really though, no one does old school trash metal better than Suffocated. But me down there. No thanks. I\’m on vacation up here on my perch. What I need now is a little…..


Ah yes, a little reggae courtesy of the finest rastas to grace the Big Red , Long Shen Dao.

Looks of bare feet for this bad boy. The very definition of a good time and good vibing.


Here was a new one for me, SMZB. Celtic punk out of China – what in St. Pete\’s hell is going on here.

Very much like Brain Failure, SMZB hits that old school punk feeling with such genuine enthusiasm and charisma, that you just wanna run over and kick a guard in the shins, burn some flags, and throw on some leather.  So yeah, a nice surprise for your camera man here – it\’s too bad the band was cut off early as the international bands rushed to get their moment to shine.


One of those bands was The Ghost Inside, a hardcore group out of the good ol US of A. And not gonna lie, they turned the energy up a full notch as the sun set.

One point of criticism, hardcore bands should talk less between songs. They almost all sound like pansies up there. Like they keep a box of tissues on hand in case they get too emotional.

But you know who aren\’t pansies – these guys.

God damn, someone let a demon of its cage cause all hell was breaking loose at this point as soon  as Yaksa ripped though its first song.


Menace to society these boys. They turned ground zero into a war zone. This was heavy stuff. So heavy that I ran away before it was too late. Before they dug their teeth into me, and my teepee turned into a dungeon and I turned into the laowai hermit of MIDI, or the abominable snowman during ski season. I don\’t know  – but really, Yaksa – you scared be me back to the comfort of my bed. And that my friends, was the difference between MIDI and Strawberry.


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