On The Scene: 2013 MIDI Festival Day 2


Talk about taking a big steamy dump all over Tangzhou Park – MIDI was everything that Strawberry was not. Other than the 3-plus hour trek it took to get there, this is how you treat your fanbase. No hassle, everything at your disposal, good vibes, and best of all, a beautiful ‘what pollution?’ setting in the Pinggu China Music Valley. Fist bump 2013 MIDI Festival.

And lots of flaggggggssss. It was a buffet today – I barely stayed still the whole day, jumping from one stage to the next like chipmunk with ADD – and in the process caught some interesting acts, drank some brews, saw some my favs tear it up, and had a grand ol’ ball. Check below to see clips of Buyi, Bloody Woods, CMCB, Cold Cave, Muma & Third Party, Jia Huizhen, Ordnance, and Subs.


Three hours on a bus sucks – mainly because that’s a lot of free time to get a strong buzz going. And after three hours all I want is Buyi. And thou shall receive.

There’s nothing quite like seeing them on the big stage. Simply put, they murdered it. Sodomized, brutalized, and straight up ravaged it.


Hey, it’s the neo-folk group Bloody Woods – been dying to see them, as they’re been quite the talk from them this past year.

A lot of minstrel sounds here. And electronic music overflowing from the electronic stage which is literally twenty feet away – poor form MIDI poor form. A bit too lovey dovey for me, but hey what do ya expect when you film a song called ‘Love Story’ – poor form Willis, poor form. China should totally have a medieval fair.


Move your ass – it’s those glossy ‘we’re stuck in a John Huges movie’ US-based duo Cold Cave who looked like they got off at the wrong festival.

I love 80s dream pop like this, but between the tight leather pants, and the sun pouring down upon them, they couldn’t have been any further from their fanbase.


Where the hell is my tent?! Alright, time for munchies, perhaps a frolic in the grass, this kids stage is uber creep – shit how the hell do I take a piss with no shoes on. That last one was a bitch


It’s the only real trip-hop game in town – CMCB, owning it – what a difference a dedicated crowd can make. Nothing like a little trip-hop to say farewell to the sunlight.

That drop at minute two. Bomb. If you see a tall shirtless man, don’t worry he’s my bodyguard. He’ll show up from time to time. Sticks out like a sore thumb.


Who’s this Muma fello – and Third Party – hey it’s the hooded drummer Mico from The Junglemico Project. He’s pretty swell.

This singer is really trying to sex up the crowd. Leave that to Mico good sir, he’s got you covered. Dig the dark electro pop sensibilities of these guys. 


But I want me some Low Wormwood, which sounds like something I’d find at the bottom of my tequila bottle. Holy shit this song just became my best friend.

Love the guitar. Wait, where did my shoes go again? Note to self – see Low Wormwood again.


Holy shit, what happened these past few months – is that Jia Huizhen? She\’s killing it! Sweet Simba makeup girl.

Now that is stage presence my dear. Pass this video on folks, Miss Huizhen is ready for her close-up.


The kids are loving The On Fires. Aussies with a catalogue of damn catchy songs and a lot of red. Seriously, chill on the red. We get it. Quirky for the sake of quirky much?


Wait, how did I get back to the tent. What, do I hear Ordnance. My neo nazi bodyguard is definitely in a mosh pit somewhere. Yup. Whoa – Ordnance just threw their metal dick on the table. Youku couldn’t even handle it – fucking banned that shit after one view. One lucky bastard saw that video. Oh well, hundreds of music goers saw that shit live.


Oh boy, too lazy to carry around my Zoom – hell with it, shoving the tripod down my pants. That’s not sketch. That’s efficient. Alright, bring it on Kang Mao.

Wicked indeed. Feisty, raw, and loads of fun. Andddd MIDI gives Subs the shaft – curfew boys and girls. Piss off. Not really the best end to an awesome day. My beer is still half-full for crying out loud.  But alas, we make the last bus back into town. Nightie night MIDI – see you tomorrow. Here\’s what we thought –


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