NWR Release: Guiguisuisui/Torturing Nurse Split

Nasty Wizard Recordings are ecstatic to announce their third release of 2016: a split between Shanghai’s immortal monolith of noise TORTURING NURSE and Beijing’s avant-garde zombie duo GUIGUISUISUI. North and South unite on a cassette tape that pushes the boundaries of common decency and good sense, each ten minute side holding untold delectation and just a hint of pain. The Nasty Wizard feels that split tapes are perhaps the most pleasing incarnation of the dark arts and the Nasty Wizard feels this particular split is delightfully twisted.

On side A you will find one of mainland China’s most prolific artists, and not just for harsh noise and audio experiments: the one and only TORTURING NURSE. Beginning in 2004 with an ever shifting line up revolving around Junky, the master of the TN sound: powerful, nihilistic and uncompromising. Close to 200 shows in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Europe and literally hundreds of releases on independent labels all around the world, including CDRs, tapes, vinyl, lathe cuts, potted plants and godonlyknowswhatelse. Frankly speaking this is probably just another tape for TORTURING NURSE, one of many small label releases they’ll have their noise committed to this year, yet for the Nasty Wizard this is a pretty big deal. Why? If there is one act in the China scene that represents a pure Fuck You attitude, a wiliness to fly in the face of adversity, sticking to their guns no matter what the cost, it’s TORTURING NURSE. For us, that inspiring. On this release Junky offers up three choice cuts of TN doing what TN does best: formless, blisteringly loud, searing analog noise. Yet if you allow yourself to tune out perhaps you will discover something beautiful, soothing and meditative. Then again, maybe not. Welcome to ten minutes of ear bleeding bliss.

On the B side you will meet GUIGUISUISUI; what was once a one-man zombie-blues band from Dongbei last year morphed into a husband-wife experimental noise theatre project, with multiple characters expressing a whole smorgasbord of emotions and experiences through the mediums of blues,punk, hip hop, doom noise, lo-fi electronics, and tripped out animated visuals. Since touring China and Thailand at the start of 2016 GGSS began exploring ambient electronic textures through the improvisations that book ended their live performances and it is from these jams that ‘Shu Shu’ (术数) was born. A haunting soundscape crafted with a household lamp feeding back through a guitar amp, mingled with the sounds of crystals as SUSU aka. Nan Guazi’s Kundalini meditation chants drift over the top before giving way to eclipsed electronic beats. Rather than being tied to any one point in the duo’s show ‘Shu Shu’ (术数) represents an experiment that spans their entire project. Check out the short film to accompany the piece based on the artwork for the EP:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o99LGUfxs8

The TORTURING NURSE & GUIGUISUISUI split is a limited run of 100 tapes featuring the artwork of Nan Guazi. 100 is all we pressed and once they’re gone they’re gone (trust us, repressing won’t be happening any time soon with the heavy stack of releases we’ll have coming out over the next twelve months.) If you’re in Beijing come grab one at Quiet Voices Festival, the release party for the tape at Fruityspace on 25/6/2016 (www.timeoutbeijing.com/venue/Venue/149208/Fruityspace.html). Otherwise track down TORTURING NURSE at a merch table near you!

The Nasty Wizard welcomes you to indulge in his latest delight. The horror, the horror…


released June 25, 2016

Released June 25, 2016.

Torturing Nurse:

All noise made by Junky.
Thanks to Dann, Mike, and Will.


All noises, drones, and beats by GUIGUI and SUSU.

Artwork by Nan Guazi.

Nasty Wizard Recordings 2016

NWR 021

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