NWR Release Show: Liberate Haze Split

Nasty Wizard Recordings is proud the release show for Liberate Haze’s tape split with Lopez & Petit(France). Liberate Haze is the amazing drone duo of gogoj(盛洁) on treated cello and Doctor Xin(丁昕) running a modular setup that blow your mind and scratch your head at the same time. Last year, Liberate Haze blew us away with the hypnotic drones and have been wanting to put out their tape for a while now. In addition to Liberate Haze, Vast Vacant Vacation is a new project of iimmune from Glow Curve which is going to be great. Finally, Noise Arcade will round out the bill.

Nasty Wizard Recordings磁带厂牌今天晚上要发行Liberate Haze和来自法国的Lopez & Petit合集磁带,Liberate Haze是盛洁和丁昕的噪音氛围二人组,去年看了他们非常棒的演出,然后NWR厂牌从那天开始总想发行他们的磁带,NWR厂牌今晚终于能发!嘉宾:Vast Vacant Vacation,Noise Arcade

时间/Time: 2017年5月25日 20:30

门票/Ticket: 40 (w/tape 含一盘磁带)



Line up:

liberate Haze

Vast Vacant Vacation

Noise Arcade 

Liberate Haze

Liberate Haze is the duo gogoj(盛洁) and Doctor Xin(丁昕). Gogoj is a celloist, violinist, and producer of electronic sounds who is involved in a variety of music and art projects. Doctor Xin(丁昕) is electronic noise maker and film maker. He also plays in Liquid Palace.

Liberate Haze是盛洁(gogoj)和丁昕(Doctor Xin)的噪音氛围二人组,盛洁是一位小提琴手,大提琴手,还有电子制作人,她的音乐计划挺多的。丁昕是一位使用模块合成器的电子制作人,也是液体宫殿的成员。


Vast Vacant Vacation

Vast Vacant Vacation or vavava is a new project by Wei Qiong, Kou Zuli, and iimmune. This is one of many projects by iimmune and just from listening to the  recordings on Xiami, the quality of the music is constantly high. Jazzy interludes, quiet ambience, and exploratory nature that makes you want to hear more.

Vast Vacant Vacation(vavava)是一个新的组合,听vavava的虾米录音让我们好期待!成员:魏琼,寇祖立,波波


Noise Arcade

Noise Arcade is the solo electronic project of Michael Cupoli who has recently gotten back into touring around China and constantly putting out new recordings. This time around, Noise Arcade will be playing an ambient set to try something different.

Noise Arcade 是一个现居北京的单人现场即兴电子计划。最近Noise Arcade又开始在中国巡演和发行新专辑,这次会跟以前不一样,他想尝试一下演氛围音乐。




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