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After shooting a music video this past Monday I’m on a MV kick – there’s just something about a finely cut music video that gets my blood flowing. Digging around weibo, here are some new music videos from Tookoo, New Pants, Cassette, and Li Dong that have made their way onto the interwebz in the past month.

That’s Christian emo rockers Tookoo, who sporting their jean vests have taken over a parking garage to rock out to their latest single ‘The Angel’s Share’ — getting some serious The Warriors vibes here albeit with Christian undertones (which just makes it all a little more disturbing). But god damn, those are some sexy cameras being put to use here by Geek Shoot Jack, the production team behind this vid. Props.

A while back, I mentioned how prog electro rockers Cassette released a music video for their latest single – well it seems the band went ahead and, using the same setting, a hallucinogenic soundstage covered over by a silk screen and soaked in neon lights, shot more videos for their latest material. Hit up their douban page to check out the rest – while the setting does wear thin after a while, I must give props to their newest one, the never heard before ‘The Preclude’, which is all kinds of sexy. Really curious how they put this together. Catch them this weekend – Saturday at XP and Sunday at Mao Livehouse.

Folk outfit Li Dong have released a video for their single ‘Baobei’ – which’ll put a smile on your face immediately. Been dying to get hear this song since last time I caught the group. It’s a lovely piece of soulful bliss, which as BeijingDaze reminded me, is not quite the love song I thought it was but instead a shout-out to the 700,000 plus orphaned kids in China. Puts a whole new spin on the song for me – don’t be surprised if you catch me sobbing in the corner next time I hear this one live. Which, as luck has it is November 1st at the Old What? Bar.

Last, but there was no way I could not pimp out the latest from New Pants, the veteran synth disco rockers who are in a league of their own at this point. And while their jocular, 80s throwback rock and roll doesn’t quite hold the clot it once did, I gotta hand it to them for sticking to their sound. Their newest single ‘Those Without Ambition Are Never Sad’ (没有理想的人不伤心) was released late this summer and we got ourselves a KTV hit. I mean that in the best way – an epic ballad that puts Millionaire Peng’s voice front and center. Almost feel guilty for digging this so much. Almost.

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