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So this is new – been getting a little slack from not really doing any reporting outside of the live shows and rightfully so I suppose – so in an effort to spread the good gospel, here’s some recent news.

Lots of new albums out people…like a shit ton


First off Shanghai crazed speed rocking duo Pairs have released their latest album titled Grandparent along with accompanying cute videos which are spreading all over youku like wildfire. These two are great great fun – the last time I caught them, chairs were tossed, drumsticks were broken, and sweat was spilt. Download it for free here. Here’s the video to my favorite off the album.

Expect to see these cats up here early December with another release under their belts, cause that’s just how they roll.


A new Jingweir release has hit – Michael Cupoli’s project Noise Arcade two weeks ago recorded live their latest noise-galore piece of work, Strange Habitation, at XP – and like that, it’s out on the airwaves already. A guitar medal, drum machine, and a casio improvised performance – it’s a crisp, clean, nice piece of electronica, accessible enough yet just on the edge of sanity to leave a lasting impression. Add it to your collection – grab it here.


Richard Doran of Low Bow, Cloud Choir, and plenty more has been all over the place on the DIY music scene and he’s finally got the goods to show for it – first up is Dig! The Guilt from his one man project (and sometimes ‘special little guest’ Michael C.) Low Bow, trash lo-fi blues at it’s finest. It’s a hefty fluid album, that shows the band making leaps and bounds in their music while sticking to what made them so impressive in the first place –

check out the rest on their douban page and shoot a message over to dongmohan@gmail for inquires on the album, though I’m sure you can find them around town soon enough. Keep your ears perked cause word is Cloud Choir has something in the works as well in the near future.


Punk mainstays Brain Failure have been around for years, and they’re not going anywhere – their latest Tous Les Jours hit shelves last weekend and they’ve been on a nationwide tour since then – they stop by Tango, Saturday, November 10th, next week – if you’ll looking for some old school punk rock, look no further.


Last this week, just to let people know that Pet Conspiracy released their latest Noise from the Future a couple weekends back – it’s a step forward for Pet Conspiracy, a sleek piece of sci-fi electro rock and roll which is loads of fun and gives each member of the group the time to shine – I’ll have videos from their show up by week’s end.

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