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More releases!!! It’s that kinda month I suppose…


Everyone’s favorite psychedelic freaks Chui Wan have gotten around to putting their debut together, entitled White Nights – expect it to be slowly released on Maybe Mars into the world leading up to their tour with New York based psychedelic rockers Psychic Ills, which kicks off at Yugong Yishan the 16th of November. Frankly, I’m pretty excited for those devilishly exotic echo-fueled soundscapes they’ve created.


Skip Skip Ben Ben, who has slowly been affirming themselves as one of my favorite bands this year, has released their latest Sacrifice Mountain Hills, which obviously will kick all kinds of ass – shoegazing, crooning indie pop heaven ass that is. Though I haven’t got my pervy hands on it yet. Time Out seems to have reviewed it already – so it’s out there..somewhere. Must be mine! They’ll be playing this Friday as well as at the end of the month – catch them while you can.


Shanghai math-rock duo X is Y will be stopping by with their latest EP release “Never Sever”, out on Miniless Records – it’s been out for sometime in Shanghai but finally seeing the light of day up here – they’ll be playing at XP Friday with Skip Skip Ben Ben and Alpine Decline (who, hey, also recently released some mighty fine work) and at the Hot Cat Club Saturday with Streets Kill Strange Animals (who, would you look at that, just released their debut album last month as well).


Lastly, those fantastical indie Shanghai kids otherwise known as The Rainbow Danger Club will be releasing their latest EP this up coming Tuesday, November 13th – I know some of you are drooling at that thought. The band also sweetly will be donating any sales made from the EP to the Movember charity – you can find it next week on their bandcamp page (pay your own price). Those Shanghaiers will be pretty much invading our fine city for the next month so get used to it.

More next week!!

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