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Trying to decompose over here, but these new releases just keep coming and coming and I gotta spread the good gospel.


As I said a couple weeks ago, those Shanghaiers are on a streak this month. First off, stoner rock trio The Fever Machine is ready to unleash their latest off of Genjing Records, La Chupacabra – recorded in Shanghai, mixed in Ecuador, and mastered in NYC – on us at the end of the month. If their title track is any indicator it’s looks like its gonna be loads of fun – just look at that moustache! Grab it digitally November 19th on their bandcamp page and physically when they head up north to Temple on Saturday, November 24th.


Now these guys came out of nowhere – Round Eye, who are taking legion with the niche that is art rock – sax-infused post-punk doo-wop rock and roll – aka crazy fun – are coming up to Beijing for a double-header weekend with shows at the Old What? Bar on December 1st, and at XP on December 2nd. So far it sounds delightfully wacky and unique. Even better, they have a co-release in tow – Full Circle, a spilt 12’’ vinyl record with progressive American punk band Libyan Hit Squad. The record will be available for purchase at both shows and at Genjing Records’ website, though I’m sure you can find a burn of it somewhere.


Da Bang, who if you recall used to be Bigger Bang have been hard at work getting their second EP of indietronica, Celebrate, out into the world and it looks like the wait is over. The group, led by firecracker Pipi will be releasing their latest during a nation-wide tour starting tomorrow, finally bringing the group up to our Mao Livehouse come December 15th. I’ve only catch these guys once but they left quite the impression on me – catch the album in stores soon enough.

Yeah I know, I was only just talking about freak duo’s Pairs latest release, Grandparent, last month – well these son of bitches just can’t kick the habit – they have released their latest, If This Coachroach Doesn’t Die, I Will, a double vinyl, up for download on their bandcamp and directly through here. I’m digging each Pairs album more and more as their songs are finding that punk no holds barrel sweet spot. The record will be available for purchase in stores son enough – you can be sure to grab it December 1st when the duo makes a stop by XP. Gotta love the song above.


Lastly, those goofy bastards from Shanghai aka Friend or Foe are giving their debut album, My Claw Is Never Limp!, the full remix treatment courtesy of a host of China’s best producers, including The Horses, Super Ayi Cleaning Team, Kaobang, and even Beijing’s own thruoutin. I’m actually kind of giddy at the thought of this and ever so curious at the different takes of these songs. The remix cleverly titled, What Have You Done With My Claw??!! will be officially released tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled on their website to grab it – also, be sure to say hi to them when they swing by Beijing December 14th and 15th, at Dos Kolegas and Temple where they’ll kick up a storm.

That’s all for now, more releases soon – I believe the kooky folks over at Jingweir have a couple aces up their sleeves in the near future and the 4th MIDI Music Awards will take place mid-December – expect those nominees soon enough – check out BeijingDaze for what categories will be voted on. Back to my Magic Hat.

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