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Just about out of October and the releases just aren’t quittin. Today, we got the latest from seasoned veterans Hanggai, Buyi, Wu Hongfei, as well as 80s rockers Los Crasher. Let’s take a garner shall we.


That’s the second track off of Ningxian folk rock outfit Buyi who after 18 years are still killing it – their latest entitled Departures is their first recorded without Zhang Wei, who left early this year to focus on WHAI (replaced by OOC’s Mojo who does just fine), and though you feel his absence, for the most part this is the Buyi we all know and love. Upbeat, hardened guitar-driven anthemic jams that boost Lao Wu’s voice to god-like status. Seriously, dudes got pipes – try not to be wrecked by the emotional punch that is ‘Questioning’ (问). It helps that album opens with three solid offerings, including ‘Rainbow’ (彩虹) sung by bassist Li Na, who’s got quite the voice herself. Special credit must go to Funky who’s rip-roaring drums give much needed oomph to many of the songs, most notably ‘Waves’ (浪花). Buyi might have lost some of their edge this time around, but they’ve more than made up for it with heart. A big fuzzy bear hug. Couldn’t have asked for more. Grab it over at Indie Music.


Hanggai can’t be stopped it seems – the juggernaut Mongolian performers keep amassing hordes of fans internationally, to the point where they’re pretty much on tour 24/7. And well, we’ve been hearing snippets of their new material at shows, it’s been almost three years since their last full-length album He Who Travels Far. Well the wait is over folks, at least temporarily, as the latest EP, Visit, released by the uproarious group is simply that, an EP. Three songs (four if you include the intro) to hold you over – but damn, these are three mighty fine songs. Give them a listen over at xiami. Some beautiful compositions and flourishes, including the female accompaniment (a first?) on “Missing Daughter”, and the electronic (though subtle) grooves introduced in ‘Knoshut Hero’. But again, three songs ain’t gonna cut it – I want more –now.


Glam rocking, tight jeans wearing 80s throwbacks Los Crasher have been busy bees this fall – currently in the midst of a nationwide tour that wont slow down till mid-December, the rockers have also released an EP entitled All Those Memories which can be listened to in full on their douban page. It’s a fun little EP, full of fun crunchy melodies that makes you wanna air guitar in your ‘Guns n Roses’ sweater vest. ‘On My Mind’ is probably the highlight, a slow burn, candle-lite love ballad that catches you off guard with how genuine and sweet it is. Well, that would be the highlight if they didn’t have to include a cover of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles WHICH IS JUST ABOUT THE GREATEST THING EVER. Seriously, I snorted out my drink more than once listening to that. Just imagine Vanilla Ice and Los Crasher sharing the stage for a Turtle-themed gig – make it happen. Own this bad boy here.


Missed this one a couple weeks back, as Wu Hongfei, who was recently detained ten days for weiboing some pointed remarks toward the chinese government (i.e. offhanded bomb threat), did not get to hold her album release gig (geez, talk about being black listed) at Jianghu Bar. For the past year the Beijing-based singer has been promoting the music of her background, the Dong minority in the province of Guangxi, and the influence in undeniable in her latest album with Happy Avenue, The Song of Sa Sui, which uses the ethnic singing group to full effect, along with some jarring electronic backing (is that dubstep!?). It’s another reinvention for Wu Hongfei, who’s quite admirable at mixing it up, and if the three-song preview of her douban page is any indication – this will be an interesting album to check out. Grab it over at Indie Store.

Enough for this week – check back next week for the latest from IZ, The Fuzz, Chinatown, and more.

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