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The music just keeps coming – time to check the latest out of the Big Red – with looks at Cassette, 16 mins, youth rock and roll, and as always the latest from the KTR team cause ain’t no stopping them.


That’s the official music video from prog elecrto rockers Cassette, who continue to tease their forthcoming album. For their earlier single, “Little Boat To China”, it’s a slick little piece of work. Simple concept elevated to greatness by fine visuals, superb camerawork, and beautiful editing – bravo. Love how the band slowly becomes clearer as the song goes on. Whoever’s in marketing over there, pat on back – seriously can we get this thing already? I’m sold.


Another band sporting serious potential are 16 mins. A little background: originally a four-piece outfit who played jazzy lyrically-driven progressive rock, earlier this summer spilt, turning the band into a duo, a boyfriend/girlfriend duo nevertheless, and have toured about with Australian singer Sophie Koh, and have just released their latest self-titled three-track EP – changes be a happening (check out more from SlinkRat’s interview with guitarist Robin). It’s up on soundcloud for your listening please – love the intimate atmosphere that Sindy is able to create with her voice. And while Falling Bridge doesn’t quite have the punch it deserves (crank up those guitars people – let me hear it rip), Silent Bird is epic and haunting in its bare-bones guitar, piano back and forth, and their cover of Hallelujah is simply beautiful – she bats that one of the park. Hit up the band if you wanna purchase a copy – they’re expecting their second batch of cds any day now.


Right in time for the new fall semester comes Most of Us: Sound of Rookie Vol. 1, a compilation album, collecting much of the city’s young and eager youth rock bands, found usually in Mao Livehouse (or School) including bands Chasing Stars, Space Sonic, Lady First, Anar, Floating Dust and Dizzy Monkey, among others. It’s like listening to 101.3 back in New Haven, circa 2001, expect in Chinese. A lot of pop flavors here, enough to hurt your teeth. Some gems though, including folk singer Ma Xiao’s ‘Spring’ and Anar’s awesome Red Hot Chili Peppers’ lovefest ‘Such A Woman’. But really, be wary of an album that’s includes autotune.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a Wednesday if I didn’t mention what the KTR boys were up to – noisy hardcore death disco (what I ask every year for Christmas) courtesy of Cloud Choir and their latest entitled ‘Something’ – not the worse description for their music. And the latest two from glitch-ridden analog synthesizing Noise Arcade entitled “the holes in the story” as well as “too close for comfort”. Think my mind is slowly adjusting to what these two have to offer music-wise. I would tell them to take a break, but heck with it, the more the merrier right? Right?


That’s all for this week – next week we’ll check in on Renz+Lenz, Girls Like Mystery, and someone else I suppose. Hmmm.

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