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And like that when in 2013. Light on the news today but bored anyway so here ya go.


Modern Sky has released their latest compilation album of their newest material from its staple of artists including XTX, Brain Failure, Da Bang, Mr. Turtle, and Glow Curve, among others. It’s not a game changer, but it’s a good starting off point for checking out a variety of bands and names, across different genres, posed to make a big splash this year. Find it over on xiami or at any of the record stores in town.


Tonight electronic artist Metwang, who I had the privilege of checking out back in October at the Beijing Electronic Music Encounter, will be self-releasing his album Gelich, a collection of over twenty pieces of electronica – techno, idm, Metwang seemed to have his hand in a lot of fusions of style. The release will take place at XP, tonight, January 2nd. So if you’re curious about what one of the most active electronic musicians has cooked up head on over.


Cassette, the indie rock group whose style touches upon everything from post-rock in electronica and fronted by the sultry voiced Daisy Zhao, have been quietly busy behind the scenes for the past half year cultivating their image and recording a new album. Said album is still a times away, but a little taste of what to expect from the group next year popped up on weibo, their latest single entitled “Little Boat to China” – it’s a sexy little ditty, full of abstract imagery and Daisy’s purr of a voice carrying the song. Here’s to hoping we get more new material sooner than later.


Larry’s Pizza, the skate pop punk kids who have been kicking around for sometime (and who I didn’t even recognized when I saw them at Dos Kolegas a few months back – apologies there) released an album entitled Skate or Die this summer and they’re back at if again, finishing up a tour that will be celebrating their five years on the scene. Their final show will be at Mao Livehouse January 19th. Expect lots of emo punk kids having the time of their lives.


Last thing I want to pimp out is the radio podcast Beida Jade Bird Music – it’s all in Chinese, so a little difficult to navigate, but the great thing is the biweekly “Top 10” countdown which takes a look at what’s popular on the radiowaves, going through each of the songs, along with some commentary from the hosts. It’s a nice change of perspective, especially when considering the fact that the judges picking the tunes are industry experts who know what they’re talking about, or at least understand the market more, including Cui Juan. For example, this week saw Tengger Cavalry, Casino Demon, and Jacky Danny, among others, in the mix. Here’s the link to the “Top 10” Countdown – I’ll definitely be checking this out more often.

That’s all folks!

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