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Alright, lets get these bad boys into the world. Time for the latest in releases and other miscellaneous nonsense from the likes of SaisaCandy MonsterFei MaChu QiaoSa Dingding, and Noise Arcade.

Hows about a little post rock goodness. Micro label 1724 Records who last year released some stellar work from Sparrow and Summer Fades Away is back at it again – new label mates Saisa, a three piece band out of Tokyo, whose sounds is crammed full of post rock motifs, shoegazes flourishes, and a melancholic childlike wonderment is releasing their latest Nothing But Naked Vanity, at Yugong Yishan this Saturday, June 22nd, which also marks the end of their nationwide tour. Take a listen here. If you dig post-rock then you might want to add this baby to your collection.


Candy Monster, who have been plugging away for as far back as I can remember with fun-filled jams, and rich-voiced lead vocalist Bian Meimei, are getting around to releasing their latest single \”Live In Summer\” which\’ll soon be followed by an album shortly after. Catch the party this Friday at School where they\’ll be joined by friends for a night of good vibes and swing-ready music. Hear the single over here (did I mention I hate music weibo).

Shanghai indie noise rockers Fei Ma, another band to break up just as they released an album, this particular one, their debut Half-City – which you can snag over at bandcamp. Really dig the direction of their music – feels fully formed – suppose it\’s a shame they\’re thrown in the towel already. Read up on an interview Pairs\’ Xiao Z posted with singer Bellows about the album, making it in the Netherlands, and more. Always a good read with the Slink Rat.


Alright hows about a little pop? No, well you\’re getting it. Singer-songwriter Chu Qiao, who some of you may have never heard of unless you check out The Voice of China on a regular basis, just release his new album New Day last evening at Yugong Yishan. It\’s up for streaming here. Frankly, this doesn\’t sound too far off from something you\’d find on the airwaves back in the West – at least the dude sounds like he hasn\’t quite been castrated yet. Just saying.

Thanks to Cityweekend for this heads up –  Sa Dingding, Grammy-nominated world music sensation whose unique blend of electro pop and Chinese folk music  sung through a variety off dialects and languages, including Mandarin, Sanskirit, Tibetan, and straight up gibberish (Sigur Ros much?) has been receiving acclaim for sometime now, ever getting the Paul Oakenfold treatment back in 2010. She\’s releasing her third album The Coming Ones, at Tango this Monday, June 24th.  Inspired by a trip across China and through its villages, including a visit to the Christian village of Xiaoshuijing by Kunming, it\’s a sprawling album which you can sample up above or preorder at amazon. Not too shabby.

And it wouldn\’t be a post without another Cloud Choir or Noise Arcade to plug – seriously these guys have too much time on their hands. random, the latest from Noise Arcade, the one man analog electronic project from Michael Cupoli has made its way online for your listening pleasure. On a scale of too little Noise Arcadeness to too much Noise Arcadeness, this one falls somewhere in the middle, which is a good thing. Here you are.

That\’s it for now, peeps. Expect more next week, including the latest from The Randy Abel Stable and Arrows Made of Desire. Sweet.

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