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Alright, it’s June, I’m sweating, it sucks – let’s get a few releases out of the way. A eceltic mix of releases from Shanghai indie band Rainbow Danger Club, pop music makers Montage and Zhong Lifeng, pagan metal heads Tengger Cavalry, and a taste of what’s to come from Arrows Made of Desire.


First off, I must bid farewell to one of Shanghai’s top bands – Rainbow Danger Club – whose innovative, whimsical indie rock simply sounded bigger than a lot of the music coming out of there. Well, like a lot of expat bands, someone’s getting the fuck out of dodge, thus forcing the band to part ways. Well not without a bang, or album nevertheless – last Saturday they released their second full-length LP entitled Souvenirsrip that bad boy here. It’s a hefty piece of work, eighteen tunes of engaging, fanciful with childlike wonder lyrics that owes a lot to Beirut, Decembrists, Eels, and Neutral Milk Hotel but really when it comes down to it, stands out on its own. Not a bad way to go out.


Alright let’s drift further into pop territory here. Have never heard of these guys, but they’re adorable right. Following the Escape Plan-route of mushy, harmless, surprisingly (not without the guilt) catchy pop tunes the Britpop group Montage whose douban page specifies each band members stats including, mind you, weight and height, and influences which range from The Beatles to Jason Marz. Well, the four piece group whose weight averages at 60 kg have released their EP ‘Colourful Life’. Grab it here. If you’re into that kinda thing – don’t worry, I’ll never tell.


A little higher profiled, indie folk popster Zhong Lifeng dropped his latest album, Love Devotion, at Yugong Yishan this past weekend to surely a packed group of listeners. Stream (or if you’ve conquered the ways of xiami – download it) it over here or here. Harmonicas, horns, keyboards, bossa nova stylings, all filtered though pop sensibilities the only way China knows how – it’s nothing to write home about – but hey, hate the game, not the player.


Time to cleanse yourself in the sounds of pagan metal with none other than Tengger Cavalry, the ever-increasing horde of Mongolian-influenced music makers whose star has slowly been rising ever since they signed to Metal Hell Records. They latest release The Expedition has just dropped. And though I don’t see a direct link to purchase it here in China you can grab the American/European releases over here. From the fews tastes one can find on their douban page (or xiami) it’s definitely a lot more melodic, moody, giving the band’s sound a farther reaching range than before – just check out “Khan”. Begging to have this added to my collection. 


And last but not least, indie since 2006, Arrows Made of Desire, led by Dutchman Joewi who knows a thing or two about writing ridiculously catchy, down to earth, humble tunes, are putting the finishing touches on their latest album Fate which I’ve only been hearing great things about. Their first single “I  Give What I Have” has been released on douban and I\’m loving it. Throw some bones maos their way over at MusKid, China’s own Kickstarter-eque platform, and assure we get this album by months’ end.


Quick bit of news – Residence A – who I mentioned a few weeks back need to get their asses and jams outside of China, will be heading to Summer Sonic in Japan this summer, playing alongside such big names as Metallica, The Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, and more. They beat out four other bands last weekend at Mao Livehouse at the Summer Sonic competition, whose past winners included Nanwu. Congrats to the boys, and let’s hope they get the reception they deserve.

Alright, piss off – that\’s all I got in me. Feel free to spend any news our way so we can get the good word out.

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