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Yeah yeah I know….deal with it. And I was so close to catching up. Well, take your mind off those videos not popping up yet with these recent folk and indie (and I\’m using these terms broadly here) releases from the likes of Shanren, Peng Tan, Xiao Zhou, and Dongzi.


Shanren had a massive release party last weekend – and for good reason – it\’s been more than four years since their debut, and the band has only been getting more and more acclaim, as well as international exposure. Listen Mountian (听山 ), their latest, is out now – you can stream it here or purchase it for your collection here or at any of the record stores in town.  If you\’ve been following the group the past year or so, a lot of what you\’ve heard there finds its way here. They definitely have gone back to their roots on this one, uitlizing and invoking the traditional sounds and melodies of the south even further. Nevertheless, they have left plenty of tunes full of western influences –  \’The Crab\’ (螃蟹) is definitely something straight out of a reggae jam, \’9 to 5\’ (朝九晚五) gives me fond memories of Blues Traveler (gonna call them as they lay), while \’World of Silence\'(无声世界) feels like a flower power hit from the Mama and Papas. So yeah, while not as far-reaching as some of us may have hoped, it\’s pretty much a blast though and though – great way to send the afternoon soaking in the sun.


At the end of last month, indie pop star Peng Tan released his latest under Modern Sky, entitled Migration (迁徙) to a packed Yugong Yishan. The singer-songwriter has been kicking around for over a decade, first founding the band Dada, before moving on into solo work, and finally coming back around to his original band for this album. It\’s teetering on the line between indie and full on pop, though I must admit some of his tunes have enough an edge that kept my ears locked in, particualry when the the electronics come on full force. You\’re either in or you\’re out I suppose – who knows, you might surprise yourself. Give it a listen here.


Though not as recent as I thought, Xinjiang folk musician Xiao Zhou, who also has been involved in folk hero Wu Junde\’s group Traveler, recently held a release party for his latest album, his fourth,  Lop Nor. Pretty sexy stuff – stream it here – just love that Xinjiang spice.


Alright, one last heads-up – acclaimed Ningxia folk artist Dongzi has an album release this Saturday, May 25th, at Mako Livehouse. Entitled Greeting Each Other (彼此问候) you can get a taste of it here or on his douban page. Duder has a voice, that\’s for sure – rich, direct, tainted by melancholy which not too revealing. And digging the production on it as well – feels fully formed, with a great mix of different elements and instruments. Might just have to check this one out.


Alright, that\’s all I got in people – fingers crossed – back to your regular broadcast tomorrow?

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