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No computer, my oh my. Well the show must go on folks. Yesterday, I brought you the latest releases on the hip hop scene. Tonight it\’s time to dip our toes in what the electronic, ambient, and straight up noise scene has brought us these past few weeks. And surprisingly, most of it produced by our expats here and there. I\’m not gonna fathom why, but I think Mr. Feola might have an idea – check out his interview with Pairs\’ Xiao Zhong where he comments on the explosion of one-member bands. And then when you\’re done there, check out some releases from the likes of Noise Arcade, thruoutin, Cloud Choir, Noise&Noise, and Reykjavictim.


One man machine out of the greener grass on the other side that is Shanghai, Reykjavictim, is simply that – a one man band, fronted by Canadian Adam McRae, who somehow manages to operate a guitar, keyboard, and a shit ton of electronic gizmos, wires, yeah you get the picture (well actually the video above is a pretty good place to start) all at once. His latest album, entitled
Xiao Di Fang, off of Metal Postcard Records out of Hong Kong, came out this past month. What you get is an eclectic mix of post punk, electroacoustic, and cold electro groove all stemming from one man\’s conscience, which adds an whole layer of intimacy that\’s hangs over the whole album. So yeah pretty dope. Snag it here.


\”Ever wondered what a Chinese horror robot\’s night terror sounds like?\” Yup, that\’s the selling point of Noise & Noise\’s latest. Dubbed the terrorists of electronic music, as well as being apart of the Weed electronic music collective, Noise & Noise, has put out their latest LP under Japanese Label Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings. Entitled Supernova, it\’s devilish little bugger – sluggish, hyper, dark, and just plain twisted – it makes me feel uneasy that\’s for sure.  Be sure to bring your goodies. Put your kids to sleep with this one.


Kitchen Table Recordings, \’providers of quality musical entertainment for the whole family\’, spearheaded by Richard Doran and Michael Cupoli, who you may have seen running around as Low Bow and Cloud Choir, have been on a rampage with releases this month. Like nonstop. When will it stop. First, there\’s Cupoli\’s solo electronic analog project Noise Arcade which released three works this past month only, including 5.1a predetermined objective, and moving landscapes. Then we have Cloud Choir\’s latest Music To Drown By, because who doesn\’t want a soundtrack to  the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. A good way to get lost down the rabbit hole for a hour or two. KTR will hold two shows in the next two weeks – first Friday, May 24 at XP with Low Bow, Streets Kill Strange Animals, thruoutin & Chaimi, and on  Friday, May 31 at School with Low Bow, Arrows Made of Desire and Girl Kill Girl.


Lastly, for something a bit more soothing, check out one man, noise-capturing, ambient-making, sometimes pipa-infused electronic artist thruoutin and his newest collection of ambient sounds entitled Apricot Station – whose sounds were captured in Xing Shu Tai village – neato – relish in it here. If I return home, and need something to put me to bed – screw whale sounds, how about the noises of a Chinese morning, megaphones, tractors, and all. Only wished it was longer. Also, thruoutin recently provided the music for a series entitled The Sparrow And The Raven where animator ChaiMi and thruoutin team up and get crazy or something.   Here\’s a preview. Check out their showcase this Friday, May 24th, at XP.

Alright, enough of that – how about some folk music later this week. That cool with you. Or you begging some videos already? Patience my pretties, patience.

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