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Showing the rentals a good time whilst they’re here has been harder than initially thought – so it’s been a slow work week over here. Hell, this might be the first time I’ve touched my computer since Saturday. Nevertheless, have to pop in at some point, so why not recap some of the recent stories with new releases from Dear Eloise, Li Daiguo, Spice, and the latest from Bedstars, Round Eye and more.


First off, if you haven’t realized the Sound of the Xity kicks off tonight – it’s gonna be a clusterfuck of epic proportions, and I mean that in the best possible way. Check out the lineup here and take your picks, really you can’t go wrong here – except to see my pops sporting the Willie Nelson bandana look at a few of these bad boys.


This Saturday, April 6th, at XP, Genjing Records will release Beijing-based experimental noise rock duo (husband and wife Yang Haisong, of P.K 14, and Sun Xia) Dear Eloise’s latest release, the 7’’ The Winter That Disappeared. You can stream the two fuzz-drenched, ethereal self-produced tunes over on their bandcamp page or pick up the seven inch yourself this Saturday where Yang Haisong’s other new music project After Argument will be joined by a slew of DJ sets from the likes of Zaza, Liu Yike, and label head Nevin Domer.


Continuing to toke Genjing Records’ horn, the mad genius himself Li Daiguo, who has left meet wide-eyed in disbelief more than once with his musical craftsmanship (or just sheer fire lunacy – not sure which anymore) will release his latest Music For Advertisements, which is being described as “a series of sonic advertisements for seven locations that the 32-year-old appreciated during his six years in Chengdu, the southwestern regional hotspot, creative hub and capital of the country’s infamous Sichuan Province”. Listen to it here – as the man wields pipa, cello, beatboxing, and well, the list goes on to immortalize the city. With titles like “The ‘Beautiful Thai Girls’ Under the Old South Gate Bridge” and “Chengdu Tuberculosis Hospital” this is definitely a musical tour I can get behind. Li Daiguo will release the album officially later this monthly, performing at Temple, Zajia Lab, and XP on April 26th, 27th, and 30th respectively. Three chances to catch the man, don’t miss out.


Another release which slipped onto my secret lover Xiami, was Hangzhou post-blip-electro-pop group Spice and their EP debut entitled Extraordinarily Ordinary, a yes, spicy concoction of genres, everything from math rock to dancehall, it’s all touched upon in the four track album which you can stream here. And just in time, as the five-piece group will be in town for two shows this week, the first as a part of the Sound of the Xity’s lineup, tonight at Temple and on Friday at XP alongside Cassette and Lilisay. A new force to be reckoned with – you decide?


A few months back, a NYU crew headed by Tingerine Liu set off to film a short film revolving around the punkish rowdy, drunken mad rockers Bedstars. I wrote a little piece about it here, where I got rowdy, raving drunk mad at Mao Livehouse along with the entire film crew and other fellow stand-ins. The film is in the final editing processes right now, and is expected to make its debut sometime the next few months, so expect a possible Chinese screening this summer. To get a taste of the film, CRI, the people behind the tasty Sound Stage series, has released a Behind-The-Scenes look at the making of the film – I for one can’t wait to see what they cooked up.


Ever weird Shanghai punk rockers Round Eye who caused quite the stir last winter with the release of their split EP Full Circle, a fever dream of saxophone-induced freak jazz rock fun, has got around to releasing a music video for their single Carne Seca, which fits a ever in-love Chinese couple consumed by the madhouse that is Round Eye – really it’s a expertly made music video, directed by filmographer Tom Tak, hopefully the first of many videos by bands in and around town in the future. Check it out here.  


Lastly, electronic chef and pipa enthusiast thruoutin recently released a three-part dairy of his mini-China tour that took place back in December. It’s a fun little read, with little accolades to how electronic music is inching its way into China’s lesser known cities. And of course, uber-cheesy Christmas songs. Check out parts one, two, and three here and check him tonight at VA Bar or in Shanghai the next couple days.

That’s all for now, check out next week for the latest on Festival Madness, Devils at the Crossroads, and more.

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