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Slowly working around to getting my year end write-up out there – patience, my friends. Till then hop on over to Josh’s 2013 recap and take a garner at what other folks are talking about. And now we have MIDI\’s thoughts on the year in music. Thanks to BeijingDaze for this bit of news – the 2013 MIDI Award Nominations are out. Really though, this is a great opportunity to catch on on some of the most talked about music this year  – I’ve provided direct links to the song,  albums of the year, and the rest so you can give them all a whirl and see if you agree with these choices.  UPDATE: And the nominees winners are….

Rock Album of the Year Award

Dou Wei – Calamity Gold Curse

The Falling – From Ωmega Back To Δlpha

Nezha – Outside Time

Peng Tan – Migration

P.K.14 – 1984

Shanren – Mountain Sounds

Xie Tian Xiao – Illusion

– Intriguing group here – never even heard of these guys but this Nezha album is really friggin good; Yay for P.K.14 and Dou Wei, though the latter one is definitely pretty ‘out there’; Where is the hell is Second Hand Rose?

Song of the Year Award

Mr. Chelonian – ‘Macarena’

Queen Sea Big Shark – ‘Mammoth’

Hao Yun – ‘Alive’

Song Dongye – ‘Miss Dong’

Omnipotent Youth Society – ‘Clouds Pawn Mind’

Zuo You – ‘Don’t Let Wake Up To‘

All pretty awesome songs, but I would have to hand it to Queen Sea Big Shark (seeing this song live was a highlight this year); the Omnipotent Youth Society song was used as the theme for the Taiwan cut of a Chilean drama called \’No\’, about political campaigning in favor against a military dictatorship – they’re really starting to sound like Neil Young; ‘Miss Dong’ is a serious bore

Best Male Singer Award

Hao Yun


Peng Tan

Xie Tian Xiao

Yang Haisong

– Yang Haisong or Hao Yun, who still remains to me super charismatic

Best Female Artist of the Year Award

Helen Feng

Fu Han

Guo Ke Yu (Chasing Stars)

Kang Mao

Wu Zhuoling

Sophie’s Choice here – all are winners in my book

Best Band of the Year Award





Omnipotent Youth Society

P.K 14’s year for sure – between producing, going on two nation-wide tours, and killing it at every gig

Award for Best Hard Rock Band


Never Before

Twisted Machine

Velvet Road


Zuo You

– Super curious to check out Never Before 

Best Metal Band Year Award


Ego Fall

The Falling

Zuo You


-Ego Fall gets my vote

Folk Year Award

Hao Mei Mei (Good Sister)

Hao Yun

Song Dongye


Tulguer (Gangzi)

Yay for Gangzi, but I’ll have to give it to Shanren; hear Good Sister is changing up their sound so keep an eye on them making some noise next year 

Rookie of the Year Award

Chui Wan

Hao Mei Mei

Nine Treasures


Perpetual Motion Machine

Perpetual Motion Machine has my love, but really in terms of bands on the brick of success it would have to go to Nine Treasures, who have been having quite the year

Award for Best Live Show

Secondhand Rose

Nova Heart

Brain Failure


Xie Tian Xiao


–  Secondhand Rose miles above the rest

Album of the Year Design Award

Chui Wan – White Nights

Dou Wei – Calamity Gold Curse

P.K.14 – 1984

Shanren – Mountain Sounds

Icing Dolls – Derailed

All rock! 

Best Instrumental Performance Award

Chui Wan

Chuanzi (Yu Ci)

Shanren (Xia Bu Dian)

Wang Wen

Brain Failure (Wang Jian)

Zhaoze  (Hailiang)

– Newest trend: songs that go on over seven minutes (cough Chui Wan cough); Zhaoze deserves some love

Best Contribution Award Year

Dou Wei

Midi Music Festival

SX Music

Xie Tian Xiao

Zhang Pending

– Yes, let’s have MIDI congratulate itself this year 

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