NewMusic:The Claptraps, Nocturnes, Pumpkins, Hawk Sally

The Claptraps – The Claptraps

Old school in the best possible way, Beijing’s The Claptraps adhere to a time when shoegaze reveled in assaulting your senses with its volatile mix of bittersweet angst and turbulent fervor, engulfing listeners in its waves of distortions and simmering dissonance. Muzzled vocals disintegrate into the ether, guitars twist themselves into oblivion, drums thunder across the space and the static glow of the feedback guides you through its sonic uproar – the band may wear its influences loud and proud, but damn is it a hell of a good time. 

北京的 The Claptraps 以一种可能是最好的方式体现了他们的老派,坚持当年的盯鞋风格:用苦乐参半的焦虑=和汹涌的热情搅动你的感官,在一波波的失真和酝酿的不和谐将观众吞噬。低沉的声音消失在空中,吉他扭曲着自己直到湮没,鼓声响彻太空,反馈那静止的光引导着你穿过喧嚣的声音——乐队可能会响亮而自豪展示出他们所受到的影响,但这确实是一段美妙的时光。

Nocturnes 曳取 – Poetic Irony

While the framework of Nocturnes music remains very much the same – flickering indietronica sound whose cool-hued gravitas, quivering guitars and bass-heavy propulsion complements its messy entanglement of emotions simmering underneath – there’s both a restraint and a maturity found within their latest EP, Poetic Irony, off of Modern Sky’s WaterMade sublabel. Its lyrics cut deeper, its rhythms more gradual in their sway, and its melancholic layerings resonate more along with its slicker electronic components.

虽然曳取音乐的框架仍然非常相同–闪烁的独立电子之声,其冷色调的严肃性、颤抖的吉他和重低音的推进,补充了内心酝酿的混乱纠结的情绪。他们由摩登天空的子厂牌,水形发行的最新EP《Poetic Irony》,展现出了克制和成熟。他们的歌词探索更深,他们的节奏在摇摆中逐渐平和,他们忧郁的层次与更加丝滑的的电子部分一起产生了更多的共鸣。

Pumpkins 小南瓜 – 稳中向好

Xinxiang punk mainstays Pumpkins twist their riotous sound into new deviant forms on their new EP 稳中向好 out in Ruby Eyes Records. Opting for their native language and running amuck in the waters of psychedelic rock and somber indie rock – it’s a spirited and exciting new look for the band – yet one that fits like a glove and penetrates deeper than their mischievous former selves. And while it’s thankfully impossible to shed the years of excess and wisecracking mania embedded in the band’s being – there’s something dangerous and inviting about a band unearthing a new set of tools for their arsenal in the battle for rock and roll’s soul.


Hawk Sally – Rock N’ Roll Spoiler

With a sound that’s ‘rooted in 50’s rock’n’roll, mixed with 70’s madness and banter, and covered with 80’s hard rock’ Beijing’s Hawk Sally are the embodiment of rock and all in all bombast – a surging, hot-blooded love letter to the genre’s most primal feelings. A unadulterated rollicking good time that’s kept afloat by the band’s raw energy and enthusiasm that’s busting at the seams.

“根植于50年代的摇滚,混合着70年代的疯狂和玩笑,包裹着80年代的硬摇滚”北京的 Hawk Sally 乐队是摇滚和所有浮夸的化身,是给这种风格最原始的情感写的一封澎湃热血的情书。这是一段由乐队的原始能量和激情维持着的纯粹的,欢乐的时光

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