New Releases: Xiongguan Zhang, Bastards of Imperialism, Xixishi

Dream pop, post punk anthems, zen hip hop, jazzy compositions, geopolitical punk, and all natural EDM – here’s some more releases from the month of July that got my ears ecstatic including new albums from Xiongguan Zhang, Bastards of Imperialism, and Xixishi.

Xiongguan Zhang 张雄关 – Struggles挣扎

Rising Shanghai jazz star Xiongguan Zhang returns with the lively, satisfying avant garde lite release Struggles – an album whose soft spoken nature is just a cover for the intricate and sometimes somber undertones found in the dense compositions. Formed during the guitarist’s stint aboard in Boston, Zhang embraces the idea of ‘unsettlement’ giving the tracks an air of playful uncertainty – a tussle and scuffle of sounds and ambiguity – the perfect fit for any bustling city ala Shanghai.



Bastards of Imperialism – Global Enema Euthanasia

Vengeful politically charged punk rockers Bastards of Imperialism continuing bringing the fight to the establishment through their satirical jagged sophomore release Global Enema Euthanasia. A punk excursion through the wasteland that is geopolitics today as well as the negligence and ‘shanzai’ attitudes on the frontlines of society (and a few fist pumping odes to Xinxiang and well, fucking) it’s an album as timely as it is retro-fitted, and a fine reminder that punk is, bruises and all, far from dead.


Xixishi习习石 – Forgery伪造物

Hangzhou EDM artist Xixishi looks to capture natural beauty of life through electronic music on his four-track EP Forgery, released on MO Records. The self-proclaimed bedroom musician does indeed find solace and a sense of the pristine on his EP, allowing the technological intricacies of the tracks room to breathe and in a simpler sense, lighten up and enjoy the scenery. Soothing electronica to soak in.


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