New Releases: The Fallacy, Colorful Z-bra, Liquid Oxygen Can, Parallel Pyres


Damn Gina! First Hedgehog, now this! Some unexpected surprises this week for sure and further evidence that China’s second and third tier cities are on the rise musically as Xinxiang post punk outfit The Fallacy release their latest, Xi\’an noise rock group Colorful Z-bra unleash their debut upon the masses. On top of that double whammy we have the latest EP from nu metalheads Liquid Oxygen Can and new material from electronic artist Parallel Pyres. Dig in!


Post punk outfit The Fallacy just released their latest Debris yesterday and all I gotta say is fuck to the yeah. The Fallacy have been one of those bands whom I’ve been actively keeping my eye on since I first got a taste of their debut The Terrible Silence. Post punk bands are a dime a dozen here but when done with as much poise and swagger as these kids I take notice. And on first listen it’s clear Yang Haisong\’s dirty hands are all over this baby. The production on this is top notch – the bass has never sounded so sexy. Still wrapping my head around the glorious madness at hand – give it spin over here and let’s someone get on bringing The Fallacy back to Beijing.


I remember catching Colorful Z-bra a year ago when a slew of Xianese dropped on by XP and being impressed – what I assumed were the Xian version of Carsick Cars were in fact a band very much in its own skin giving us lengthy noisy rock and roll with heaps of instrumental play and a bit of John Hughes charm. The band released their debut Youth yesterday, and while I still need to give it time to sink in, I must say I’m digging the ramshackle quality that invigorates the seven track album. The band cites Gus Vant Sant as an influence and I gotta agree- youthful anguish never sounded so chaotic and long-winded. Give it a listen over here and let’s bring these Xi’an boys back to Beijing for a congratulatory pat on the back.


Nu metal outfit Liquid Oxygen Can – one of the metal scene’s highly regarded acts have been quiet since their 2012 acoustic release 十年之氧. Well, I’m happy to report the boys are back at it this year – and if their latest EP, Nothing Matters (一切都不重要) is any clue, we’re gonna be getting a new album soon enough. Three tracks of that nu metal sweetness for to hold you kids off. Liking what I hear so far – crisp, heavy, and chalk full of agonized sorrow, particularly on ‘This Is Not A Godsend’ – give the slaughter a listen and purchase and jump in the mosh pit at MIDI and Strawberry next week.


Zoomin Nights glory days patrons Hot & Cold may not be a unit anymore (though they did meet up back in January) but Josh Frank of the duo is still kicking around town – his solo Parallel Pyres has been popping up in spurts across town for the past half year and it looks like he’s been busy putting together his latest Broke – released a couple weeks back. Some pretty nifty soundscapes Frank has cooked up here – part Sega genesis soundtrack, part psychedelic blues, it’s a exotic piece of electronica which frankly is right up my alley. Snag it over here and catch Parallel Pyres this Friday at XP for the Noise Arcade/thruoutin cassette release.

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