New Releases: Taxeee Tapes Vol. 3, Death To Giants, White LaZer, W/M Compilation

\"nrTime to check on the latest releases to hit the digital shelves including the latest compilation from electronic music hustlers 87fei87, death pop duo Death to Giants’s latest and possibly final ode to Shanghai, up and coming noise rock outfit White LaZer, and a much welcomed high-five from Italian music label W/M. Check it out below.

Local electronic label 87fei87 continue to expose the city to the great electronic music that’s happening right under our ears with their latest, Taxeee Tapes Vol. 3, the third compilation which features a staggering 21 tracks from some of the city’s finest electronic artists – ‘the swankiest set of beats our Beijing streets have ever seen’. Yeah, a lot to take in here – everyone gets their moment to shine, from Noise&Noise’s ‘Dark Crystal’ oracular madness, to Charm’s audio mecca, to thruoutin’s pipa-chillronica there’s not a dull moment on this monster of a jam. Makes me question why I hell ain’t I covering the electronic scene make intensely. Grab it over here.

Shanghaiese tongue-in-cheek geek death metal duo Death to Giants, who were reunited briefly a week or so again, have released a mini release of blissful schizoid death pop for us cheap bastards out there to chew on. Family Mart Anthem/This Pyre’s For You may only hold two tracks but boy do they hit the sweet spot, especially on their loving ode to the Family Mart. For anyone who has ever smuggled beers in Yuyintang or any other venue for that matter, because of how ‘financially smart’ it is, this is the song for you. This is my anthem. Thanks Death to Giant! Grab the two tracks over here. There’s a pretty awesome video for it that I’ll pimp out next week.

I feel like doom noise is over the place as of late – the latest ‘project’ out of Shanghai, White LaZer, brings the wasteland genre front and center in Home Kill three tracks of almost worship-like noise – sounds like someone’s been watching True Detective a bit much. But really, some pretty wicked sludgy atmospheric soundscapes here for those patient enough.  This is what happens when you and your buddies smoke too much of that hashish and have instruments lying around. Grab it over here.

Finally, I wanna highlight the love overseas love that Chinese music keeps receiving – Italian record label W/M (Waves for the Masses) recently released their latest compilation of music their currently in the market of and wouldn’t you know it, it features two of our city’s up and coming artists – Cassette and 16 mins, among a bunch of other fine international talent. Couldn’t be happier for these two bands, both whom I feel will have a spectacular year. Check out the entire compilation here and be sure to keep an eye on these guys (yeah, it’s in Italian…deal with it) as it seems they have their eyes on us.

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