New Releases: Stone Lion, Wang Changcun, Anti-Dogs

Lo-fi indie rock from a concrete apartment building, post rock from the remains of one of Shanghai’s most successful bands, IDM ear worms from Hangzhou, and grizzled hard rock from Tianjin – here’s the latest releases from Anti-Dogs, Wang Changcun, and Stone Lion

Stone Lion – Found Soul

Grungy alt rockers from Tianjin, Stone Lion, take no prisoners on their crunchy and affecting sophomore release Found Soul. Wrapping their lyric-based hard rock in everything from noise, grunge, to country blues, it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly the band is coming from and that’s just one of the pleasures of listening to their devilishly fun LP that almost at times sounds like a lost grizzled piece of Americana alt rock. There’s no compromise and one just has to go along for the ride.


Wang Changcun – Gen 

Hangzhou-based artist Wang Changcun (AYRTBH) – sound artist, electronic musician, computer programmer, and one of the more prominent fixtures of the experimental scene in China – releases his latest bit of off kilter IDM techno, Gen, off of the US label, Detroit Underground. A loose, sparse, technically sensual album that pays tribute to the classic braekbeat style of Detroit, its revels in the wide sonic spaces that IDM was born in.


Anti-Dogs – Poetry of the Night    

Emerging from the ashes of long standing Shangainese act Top Floor Circus, known for their satirically charged impassioned folk punk, comes Anti-Dogs, the new post rock project from that former band’s instrumentalists. The four-piece outfit released their debut The Poem of the Night, and with it emerges a new post rock band to be reckoned with. Cause when post rock is done right, it soars and rages like a stir-crazy captain of the sea. And boy, do these guys take the wheel and run with it.



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