New Releases: Pairs, Guiguisuisui, Noise Arcade, Dumb Plants


Ho Ho Ho – feeling a bit festive – shall we have a look to see what\’s in store under the tree  – a new batch of releases, that’s what. So toss back some eggnog, deck the halls, and sit back and enjoy the latest tunes from Pairs, Guiguisuisui,  Noise Arcade, and Dumb Plants. Shit rock and heavy beats – who da thought?

Word is Pairs, the shit rock duo from Shanghai who have been making some of the scenes most diverse boundary-pushing music (or straight up alienating) as well as lending more than a helping hand to promoting the scene, is kaput. And if this is how the bands decides to go out then that, my friends, is a friggin baller way to go out. Grab Christmas Classics here. Glad to know I’m not the only one who butchers ‘Semi-Charm Life’. Am I feeling a new Christmas tradition?

Speaking of shit rock – Guiguisuisui is at it again – not content with sticking it out through the Beijing winter, the garage blues one-man machine with a malevolent anarchistic edge (and a thing for playing with his diddley board) is setting off for an epic 42 city tour that bring him all around southeast Asia and China with the help of DIY label Genjing Records. To prepare all the sorry audiences along the way, Guiguisuisui has released A Cult of Bipolar Personalities, an EP made up of live recordings in Beijing and Dartford, England, where the man was presumably raised and sheltered. Grab it over on bandcamp. And then secret Santa that shit to that girl who sits across from you at the office. Will work wonders. Catch Guiguisuisui have at it this Friday, December 27th at VA Bar, Saturday, December 28th, at the Old What? Bar, and January 3rd at Temple. Happy trails…

Sticking with the Jingwier theme, let’s take a look at Michael Cupoli’s newest entries to his Noise Arcade moniker – non-equilibrium and going over there. Last I heard, he went on a glitzy shopping spree with his Low Bow cohort, Richard Doran down in Shanghai so I’d imagine you’re hearing some new sexy synthesizers in there. Whatever the case, I like what I’m hearing more and more. Great stocking stuffer. Or grab the 26 CD Box set and all the stickers you can have – email here for details.

Finally, for all you ecstasy babies out there – I present to you Dumb Plants, the latest house music outfit looking to kickstart your night – the duo is actually one half of post punkers Yantiao, so that tells you how diverse their musicals interests lie. Who knew Shen and Syd had hard-ons for the club scene? Perfecting for taking that Xmas party to the next level – skimpy Santa outfits, S&M elves – and a partridge in a pear-tree. Check out their first wave of tunes on douban and soundcloud. Curious to see where they take this next.


Alright – too much to jump from that to Mongolian pagan metal so let’s leave it at that – Merry Christmas everyone!!

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