New Releases: Ordnance, Gum Bleed, Goushen, Yanchi


Looking for something heavy to get you through the dreary weather? Then you might want to check out these new releases from anti-establishment punks faves Gum Bleed, metal royalty Ordnance, and Shanghai hard rockers Goushen. Also, an up and coming artist out of Wuhan by the name of Yanchi. Check it out.

One of the scenes most respected punk get-ups, Gum Bleed, just released their second full length album – City of Heroes – to the masses last weekend and it is indeed something to get excited about. If you’ve seen the band perform before, their sophomore release essentially plays like a greatest hits – ‘Kiss Me I’m Punk’, ‘Liberation Day’, ‘Civilization Crime’ – these are some of the bands (and punk scene for that matter) most recognizable work and each gets proper treatment here. It may not be as messy as one may hope, but there’s a professional credence to their work that feels right. From frontman Dee\’s grizzled growl to Snow’s wicked guitar chops, to the politically charged atmosphere injected throughout, to the unexpected warmth found in the album’s later tracks (i.e. Heart of Hero Heart of Gold) – City of Heroes is one of the finest examples of punk rock in China. Give it listen over on their douban page and purchase it here (as well as other swanky merch).

While Gum Bleed certainly its fair share of shots at society, long standing heavy metal outfit Ordnance and their latest Tear Down This Wall take a slam hammer to everything rotten in this country. With lyrics like ‘there is a high wall in our country, it restricts citizens’ and ‘wealth’s marching to the officials, while people suffer from poverty’ it’s clear these guys aren’t the happiest campers. And subtlety ain’t their strong suit. But who cares – cause when those guitars come kicking in and that snare drum is singing, you’re gonna want to toss some mother fucking chairs. This is power metal that earns its keep –and one of the better metal albums to come out this year. It’s no wonder the only place these cats can play anymore is 13 Club (owned by Ordnance’s guitarist). Listen and buy Tear Down This Wall over at their bandcamp.

Garage-popping, grunge-inducing heavy rock outfit Goushen, out of Shanghai, take it old school on their sophomore release Dio Crane, out this week. Ten tracks of rock and roll bliss that’s crisp, fun, and full of attitude. First off, lead singer Lenz’s voice fits the material like a glove – a bit of Ann Wilson of Heart, a bit of Blondie – it holds a lot of weight. Paired with Lao Bi, on guitar and backing vocals, the music sounds like something that would be playing in a moldy sweaty ice hockey locker room circa 1987. Can already picture the goalie air-guitar through ‘Go Go My Gene’ in his long johns. Rock it with Goushen this coming October holiday when they play at School October 1st. Give it a whirl over at their bandcamp page.

Stumbled upon this gem of an artist – out of Wuhan, the composer, singer, instrumentalist goes by the name Yanchi, and she’s been putting out quite the catalogue of work this year, which includes her latest EP, Sea of Faces. A collection of beautiful instrumental tracks is accompanied by two tracks where the artist provides her breathtakingly delicate voice. Hints of post rock, shoe gaze, neoclassicism, and of course pop it’s a somber captivating piece of work that suggests an artist on the cusp of making hitting it big if given the outlet and swayed in the right direction. So do her a favor folks and give her album a listen here.

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