New Releases: Nekroma, Yue Xuan, 4 Channels Club

Going to be playing a lil catch up this month with releases – from jams that flew under my radar back in spring, to some of the gems that have been touring on my playlist since they first dropped – it’s an diverse batch so find your summer soulmate and don’t let go – including the latest monster mash from Nekroma, piano compositions from Yue Xuan, and 8-bit mayhem from 4 Channels Club

Nekroma – self-titled

The metamorphous of Guiguisuisui continues in Nekroma, which finds the duo in full of avant garde doom prog mode alongside the remains of the now defunct prog metal group Nakoma. And gotta say, love the tricks these cats have up their sleeves. Part gothic punk opera, part prog metal throw back, it feels right at home in the Guiguisuisui oeuvre all the while taking their sound and ethos to new heights. It’s strange, fun, brooding, alluring, and best of all, one of a kind. Can only imagine where they’ll take it next. 


Yue Xuan – Masse

Composer, pianist, and soundtrack artist Yue Xuan continues making good use of her classically trained skills on her latest EP entitled Masse. Three tracks of hauntingly gorgeous piano works viewed as ‘a calm answer to the mixed-up world’, there’s pain-arching beauty in the sober compositions that Yue Xuan have created here, one that’s well worth taking, and one that continues to make the artist one to look out for in the future. 



4 Channels Club – Lonely Monster Planet 孤独怪兽星球

Never thought I could get emotional about an album composed solely of compositions created within a Gameboy but that’s exactly what the Beijing based 8-bit electronic artist Ma Yao (former guitarist for post rock outfit The Grinding Ear) aka 4 Channels Club has done with the delightful debut Lonely Monster Planet. Using a 1989 Ninentdo Gameboy, Ma Yao dips into our nostalgic memories to conjure up soundtracks to forgotten 8-bit stories – soundscapes bursting sentiment and life. Would’ve imagined? 


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