New Releases: Namo, Djang San, Primitive Nurse/Torturing Nurse, Return To Delicate Past


Harsh noise, post rock, crosstalk folk, and electrified pipas. Yup, have we got quite the array of sounds for you this week with these fresh new releases from campus rock sensations Namo, up and coming Jiaozuo post rock outfit Return to Delicate Past, east-west fusionist Djang San, and the latest split between influential Aussie punks Primitive Calculators and Shanghai harsh noise legend Torturing Nurse. Get at it.

Chinese post rock ‘Made in Holland’? That’s the tagline for Return to Delicate Past, the latest band to inhabit the much-loved genre. The four-piece band whom hail from Jiaozuo, China via Holland (speculation!) released their second album last week entitled The Southern Side of the Mountain. As far as post rock albums go (a genre that rarely disappoints and at the same time rarely astonishes) this ain’t too shabby. There’s a melancholic haze that hangs over the album, which gives the tempo changes and crusades that much more oomph and catharsis. Essentially, there’s an emotional core that suggests a band not simply going through the motions here. And ‘3297’ might just be the first Mongolian influenced post rock jam out there. Still have no idea where these cats Holland expats or Jiaozuo locals but there’ll be touring the nation (with a stop in Beijing) next month. Purchase the album via Weary Bird Records.


Crosstalking campus rockers graduates Namo, whose Chinese culture obsessed, 80s nostalgic, vigorous lyric-based rock and roll has earned them quite the following continue down the path of expressing the generation of which they were raised in with their latest and third full length album Spring Up. Singing earnestly on the minute stories and themes which make up life in a contemporary China, with a tongue-in-cheek self-awareness that’s sincere above all else, Namo’s music is tailored made for it’s audience. And while the 80s style guitars and instrumentation may be a bit much (i.e. cheesy), there’s plenty of playful wordplay and liveliness to the arrangements that really does warrant the album its title. Give it a spin.

It’s only fitting that one of Melbourne’s original scene shakers joins Beijing’s own experimental pioneers and to for a multi-city tour across China. That’s the case with highly influential Australian experimental punk synth outfit Primitive Calculators, who in conjunction with Split Works and Genjing Records, will be hitting up six cities in the next two weeks alongside Zoomin Night founders Xiao Hong & Xiao Xiao Hong (tour dates here). To celebrate, those 7’’ vinyl fanatics over at Genjing Records have released their latest vinyl piece of heaven – a split with Shanghai’s own noisemaker, shit stirrer, Torturing Nurse, an infamous figure on the noise scene across the world (as well as one of the latest musicians to piss off the local government). And while Primitive Calculators track is beautifully layered middle finger of dissidence with the world, it’s Torturing Nurse’s track that goes for the jugular, a electrifying abrasive symphony of noise that’s leaves you shell shocked. Not for the light hearted (though the title of the track may suggest otherwise). Spin it here.

Djang San’s got a new toy and he’s ready to unleash it upon the world. Experimental Electric Pipa is exactly what it suggests – a collection of ‘experimental’ jams using an electric pipa, the Beijing-based musician created himself. As Djang San states himself, “What you see is what you get, I have only used the effects and the instruments, on that (album) cover. Hope you like it.” I do indeed like. Well I’m eager for Djang San to try out some new pedals (that don’t sound so damn clean) the possibilities with this electric pipa are endless and more importantly, sound damn tasty. Grab it here. And for those looking to find the Piptar (the name I have dubbed thee) in action, hit up Temple Bar this Friday.

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