New Releases: Naaki Soul, Alex Wang, Tiny Enigma

Lo-fi indie rock from a concrete apartment building, ukulele ambient pop, and artificial (bass) intelligence – here’s the latest releases from Naaki Soul, Alex Wang, and Tiny Enigma.

Naaki Soul – Soft Copy

Like the mess of adolescence, there’s an unhinged beauty at work in Naaki Soul’s debut Soft Copy, a volatile lo-fi indie rock delight whose idiosyncratic vocalist carries the feverish sprawling album through and through. Recorded in the home of the Brisbane-raised, Beijing based soon to be high school graduate, with the help of online friends aboard and her school’s music department, it’s an album that’s jam-packed with surprises and nuanced flourishes, giving each track a distinct flavor and points to a bright future for the young artist.


Alex Wang – Black Dragon

Do Hits! returns with their latest technology-minded piece of electronica from the Brooklyn/Beijing based producer Alex Wang. A futuristic take on bass music, the producer takes the theme of artificial intelligence and ‘digs deep into the concept of sound design, turning high frequency noise into percussion, sampling from modular synthesizers to create brand-new sounds’. A coldly alluring work that fetishizes (or gives life to depending on your take) the insentient machines of the future.



Tiny Enigma – Blue Amusement

Singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tiny Enigma, from Shanghai, gives the ukulele folk genre an ambient facelift on her subtle and assured EP Blue Amusement. Usually reserved for sugarcoated folk pop tunes, the artist instead finds the melancholic undertones to the instrument with some expertly utilized electronic backing and production – creating an ambient dream pop gem of an EP.



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