New Releases: Lonely Leary, Nerve Resistance, Noise Arcade, Deep19


Post punk edge, industrial metal rallying, ambient soundscapes, and club music for the masses – it\’s an diverse collection of bands and artists in this week\’s edition of the latest releases including the freshest cuts from  Lonely Leary, Nerve Resistance, Noise Arcade, and Deep19.

Beijing post punk ruffians, Lonely Leary, hit the floor running with their first digital release 皮長山寝室バンド which translates to ummm, yeah, beats me. That bit of dry indifference is key to Lonely Leary\’s coolheaded and icy post punk sensibility – one that\’s been clawing at the Beijing music scene for the past couple years. The three-piece band has a wonderful addictive sound – one that\’s full of jagged edges, paranoid unease, and brooding psychedelic overtones. And while the band wears its influences on their sleeve their noise rock rowdiness and playful mischievous wordplay are all their own. Operating in the post punk dance hall world with such confident and tweaked relish, It sticks in you like a knife. Spin it over on bandcamp.

Beijing metal outfit Nerve Resistance, whose built quite the reputation despite not fitting easily into any of the metal cliques, returns with their sophomore release Mask Men. The band, whose shows often find its member shrouded in masks (referred to as the Chinese Slipknot in some circles), continue mixing elements of industrial, nu, and other alternative metal styles in their latest aggressive melodic heavy endeavor. Some killer musicianship, but beyond that it reminds be a bit much of my younger self. Relive it all over on xiami and douban.

Noise Arcade, the solo electronic project from Beijing based artist Michael Cupoli, returns with his latest sonic endeavor, a complication. Delay pedals, hi-hats, and synths galore – all the staples of Noise Arcade’s aesthetic are present in the four tracks and yet there’s a restraint at hand with this release – a minimalism on display here despite the fact that each song is layered to the tee. A little frostier, a little more subdued, and of course a sound that’s begs you to get lost in. Revel in the waves of ambience over at Noise Arcade’s bandcamp.

Shanghai electronic label Co:motion, just one of the many Shanghai label\’s leading the underground electronic scene resurgence, drops their third release and EP, Dark Fall – by Shanghai based DJ Deep19. The bass heavy twofer (with some sound remixes from Mickey Zhang and Eli Osheyak) is all attitude – big and brash, like its Berlin and Detroit influences, and tailor made for some late night clubbing. The type of sound that\’ll have you following that snow-white cotton tail deep down the rabbit hole. Snag it over on Co:motion\’s bandcamp page.

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