New Releases: keemo, Banana Monkey, Guiguisuisui, Low Bow, Red Mushroom


Alright, I’m plugged back in folks – after a rough few days of being cut off from the internet – which, no lie, was frightening beyond belief – I’m back with some new cuts. And because I’m feeling super generous I’ve included an extra release this. So let’s take a look at the latest, freshest, and musically pleasing with Low Bow, keemo, Banana Monkey, Guiguisuisui, and Red Mushroom.


Who’s Red Mushroom? A college fantasy, a soon-to-be indie folk sensation, a lost soul? I have no idea – all I know is I’m digging what I hear on her Bedroom Recordings ‘In The Park’. The Shanghai artist been kicking away at the underground scene for some time with quite the online following. She’s got a site full of musings and super creepy doll pictures, as well as a suave instagram account. Gifted; ahead of the curve – or just another run of the mill soon-to-be indie pop star. All I know is I’m intrigued. Check out the EP from Red Mushroom here.


Looking to get your zen on? Guangzhou-based electronic musician keemo is your man. Think spiritualist new age trip hop and you get a pretty good idea of what awaits you – his latest Earth, is chock full of Eastern philosophy-infused ambience that’s a perfect way to kick back on a breezy afternoon in the sun. Or just zone out bein arty or something – whatever it is you kids do nowadays. Give it a listen over here.


Shanghai garage rock outfit Banana Monkey, have been a prominent force on the circuit down south since 2006. The bands’ sound doesn’t redefine anything, it’s hasn’t broken down any barriers – but they have been a constant proprietor on that upbeat indie rock sound – even getting invited to Japan for Summer Sonic most recently. They finally got around to releasing their debut self-titled EP – a five track Strokes-ridden, punk-liked dance ready rock n roll. Again, nothing electrifying, but a nice coming out party for one of Shanghai more relevant bands. Give it a listen here.

Genjing Records is ectoplasmaing all over the place at the moment – there’s no stopping the onslaught of releases coming out of the 7’’ vinyl factory headed by Nevin and his glorious bread. The latest two are from LBM favorites Low Bow and Guiguisuisui. Low Bow, as some of you may recall, were the lo-fi trash blues duo, which disbanded early this year (fingers crossed for a cross-dressing reunion) – but before doing so they left two singles produced by Yang Haisong in the vault for Genjing Records – the Spilt 7’’ is with US sludgy pop rockers Dinged Up – four tracks of super catchy, rugged, tingly rock n roll – or ‘gritty, emotionally esoteric, sociological messes’ – yeah that’s a better explanation. Next on the plate is the latest vinyl emblem from the ever-cheeky, always sneaky, GuiguisuisuiThe Court Of King Necro – which is all kinds of diddly-borad high school massacre awesomeness. The four track descent into experimental blues rock madness definitely points to a dude in his comfort zone, and whose gonna complain – bring on the Necromancer already. Returning from a psychotic three country tour, catch Guiguisuisui and his partner in crime, Michael Cupoli (of Low Bow as well) Saturday September 13th and September 20th, both at XP, in different capacities. Because madness knows no bounds.

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