New Releases: Hang on the Box, C.c, Pan Daijing

Punk rock darlings Hang on the Box return, Pan Daijing debuts her psychoanalytical sound project, and a summer faded love letter from C.c – here’s the latest new releases.

Pan Daijing潘岱静 Lack

The Chinese-born Berlin based artist verges a hard right from her dark techno days creating an unsettling, visceral experimental noise collage on her LP Lack, out on Berlin label PAN. Using field recordings, vocal haywires, ritual ceremonies, and the grind and pulsating heart of techno, the artist invites listeners to a world that’s equally menacing and vulnerable, one she describes as a ‘psychoanalytical process’. A literal clashing of traditions and sounds and of flesh and bone, it’ll leave you unnerved in the best possible way.





Hang on the Box – Oracles

Hang on the Box, the seminal all girl punk rock has spent the better part of the last decade going through one rebirth after another. The outfit fronted by Gia Wang takes the indie rock route in their latest incarnation on Oracles, out on Modern Sky. Airy guitar riffs, coupled with psychedelic-tinged synthesizers and other electronic flourishes, the band have matured quite a bit from their feisty beginnings here . While Gia’s voice doesn’t always connect on the slower songs, melodically, the band are on point, deliver some devilishly tasty hooks (‘Baptized’ and ‘Chance’ stand out).




C.c – Summer Escape

Jangly beach riffs collide with hip hop on the latest sun-drenched EP from Xiamen based artist C.c whose EP Summer Escape is a lo-fi instrumental gem. Released alongside the zine Picks with the help of Guangzhou label Qiii Snacks Records, the EP is the perfect summer endnote – a faded postcard capturing the moments of a season gone too soon.




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