New Releases: Ghost Bath, Low Bow, Death To Ponies, The Gar


Killer variety-pack here kids – didn’t want to spoil you guys too much but I thought, what the hell? Binge away little emperors and indulge in what the Year of the Horse has brought forth including the latest rock-em-sock-em hustle from Low Bow, a sonically elcetic take on the work of The Gar, the latest spiked punch from Death to Ponies, and a nerve-whacking debut from mysterious West China outfit Ghost Bath.

There’s something amiss in Chongqing, cause whoever these Ghost Bath guys are, they’ve straight up have jumped the rabbit hole. And as evident in their debut album, Funeral it’s beautifully disturbing. First, there’s your lead singer hallowing like a madman at the moon, sobbing, shrieking, anything but making recognizable sentences. On top of that some of the angriest most vivid post-black metal that has graced my ears. It’s some strikingly twisted stuff and packs a hell of a wallop. Like seriously, had to take this one one song at a time. That’s the noob I am. Give into those bad thoughts over here. Definitely gonna keep an eye on these freaks.

Though Low Bow is stuck in international limbo, the lo-fi DIY trash rock duo managed to sneak in their latest hefty dose of down and dirty swag rock, when we were, which finds the two having the most fun ever – a rollout of fast and furious singles that barrel through with reckless abandon without a second glance. Basically their best work yet. Have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot from these two, but if I’m wrong, it’s a hell of a swan song. Grab it over here at bandcamp.

If there’s one thing I’m a sore about missing out, it\’s on catching Death to Ponies as there’s something monstrous about their music – it’s loaded with musical exploration that never drags. Their latest one track EP Mangez is essentially a high school marching band that decided it was a good idea to dose up before their big performance. And everyone is destroying it. And they give the mic to that four-eyed flute player and minds are melted. And then it’s all over and you want to do it again. Like now.

What can I say, loving the array of remixes surfacing – simply the musical mingling of some the city’s best artists, who were probably just as giddy interpreting these as we are listening to them – the latest collaboration bring The Gar In Time Remix, which finds the single off of The Gar ‘s 2012 EP City of Burning Identities being remixed by some of the scene’s most prolific DJs – Sulumi, me:mo, and Dead J. Killer lineup and killer song. See no problem here.

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