New Releases: FM3, Howie Lee, FAR/∞, Noise Arcade


Electronic music is usually something I don’t dip into too often – but that’s slowly changing. For this week’s roundup of new releases I’ve decided to get my electronica on with a look at the latest from FM3, Noise Arcade, Howie Lee, and Liu Yiwei, aka FAR/∞. Dig in.

\’Legacy\’ duo FM3 whose raise to fame was the Buddha Machine referred to as the \’anti-iPod\’ by The New York Times, brings their latest meditative trip (their first in ten years) – Ting Shou, and it’s indeed a thing of beauty. A slow burner of an album, one that utilizes empty space and silence with a zen-like mindset to make every note and instrument (lotta cellos and pianos) count to create an atmosphere that’s intoxicatingly exotic. It’s an orchestra filtered through electronica – a somber yet beautiful piece of music that’s would fit right in Wong Kar-Wai’s universe. The perfect type of music to get lost in and burn a doobie to. Preview and purchase it over here.

For something a little more sinister, check out Sinotronics first major release for Liu Yiwei, aka FAR/∞, one of Beijing\’s pioneering offbeat electronic artists who\’s been catching the eyes and ears of many. His debut, Dark Bridges, is a sleek, icy, detached work that sounds like the work of Skynet if they started DJing about town during the machine uprising – with track names like \’HAL9000\’ and ‘Black Liquid’, you have a pretty good clue what you\’re getting into. Recommended for those who like their electronica in dark dingy basement whilst wearing shades to cover up the size of their pupils. Embrace the age of the machines over at Sinotronics bandcamp here.

Been meaning to pay my respects Howie Lee, one of Beijing\’s most prominent producers on the scene, for releasing this sexy piece of Eastern culture trap music – likely the closest I\’ll get to fully embracing the club scene here. His four-track Eastside Sampler is a master class in bubbly transnational electronic music, one that embraces the sounds and beats of Chinese culture while maintaining his signature trap style. Everything from Taiwanese tribal music to traditional Chinese percussions is utilized to its full effect in this drop worthy refined mash up. The perfect antidote to a long week behind a desk, the EP is blast of Technicolor that keeps surprising. Give it a spin here, with the option of sharing it on Facebook for a free download.

Time to return to the drone-inducing ambient soundscapes of Noise Arcade, who\’s been a busy bee as of late. Cassette releases, club outings, and tours in Malaysia and Singapore, Noise Arcade’s cred is rising and believe me, he\’s lovinnng it. His latest three releases finds the artist expanding his sound and adding some more flair, making his signature sound more accessible. First up, there’s the Jerk Kerouac/Noise Arcade split cassette put out by Nasty Wizard Recordings in Beijing and Noisemongers Records in Malaysia; followed by leaving from a different place which is compiled of Noise Arcade’s Southeast Asia tour set; last, there’s blue skies for a day, which I’m guessing how’s something to do with this lovely APEC weather. Grab them all for free over at Noise Arcade’s bandcamp page here.

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