New Releases: Electric Lady, Comp Collider, Dokedo, Shu Ying


Stoner rock from a bygone era, madcap electronica from the Do Hits! crew, improv rock that keeps you on your toes, and a Shanghai singer-songwriter invoking alternative rock at its finest – it’s the latest batch of new releases from Electric Lady, Dokedo, Comp Collider, and Shu Ying.

Shu Ying, a regular on the Shanghai music scene, whose past projects included Undress for Success and the Shu Ying Quartet, releases her latest solo EP – Are You Still A Teenager? – and what a gem. Full of anxious aggression and a volatile attitude that weavers between yearning and confrontational, between sarcastic and pungent it’s a stellar addition to the artist’s catalog, one that may remind some of 90s alt rockers such as PJ Harvey and Liz Phair. Hat tip to the production from Laurent of Undress for Success and Battle Cattle gives each of the tracks a world-weariness and weight that might otherwise be missing. Bandcamp it up.

Electronic label Do Hits! hands the spotlight over to Beijing-based producer Dokedo for #WFC a five track EP that furthers the label’s overall aesthetic while at the same time highlighting the artist’s playful madcap percussion use and experimental relish. There’s a Mandarin/Cantonese catwalk, traditional folklore dance Yangge reimagined, and free jazz overtones throughout creating it’s a lively, full-bodied EP that deserves some love. Further cementing the Do Hits! team as the real deal, the collective has released the sweetest of wedding presents to Dokedo – Five Elements – an alchemic collection of remixes of the producer’s standout track ‘Five Elements’ courtesy of ZHI16, Joy Ginger, Radiax, and Polarada. Love how these artists inspire one another. Check both out at the Do Hits! bandcamp.

Comp Collider is the newest offshoot from Beijing regulars Dan Lenk (Luv Plastik, Death Narcissist) and Micahel Cupoli (Noise Arcade) – an improv rock duo of guitars and drums that incorporates everything from post rock to krautrock. Jam music with a devilish streak, the two put out their debut Staring At A Sunset While Facing The Wrong Direction a few weeks back and it’s a nice introduction to two skilled musicians feeding off one another. It’s loose and fun, and hints at future possibilities between the two. Check out the release on their bandcamp.

Hard rock outfit Electric Lady, based out of Beijing, have been working the scene the past four years, bring their 60s-70s influenced rock and roll on their debut Queen of Electricity and Her Coming Kingdom. Featuring the staples of Black Sabbath era hard rock – psychedelicia, stoner, blues – just to name a few, the band injects their sound with such loving homage and genuine appreciation that never comes off as cheap. They mean business, and everything from the slick guitar works to the husky-voiced vocals fits like a glove. Give it a listen over on xiami or douban.

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