New Releases: Djang San, Seippelabel Vol. 2, Joe. C, Nightmare Factory


Get down and dirty with these eclectic batch of fresh tunes – everything from cross cultural rock and roll, electronic mischievous, acoustic punk melodies, grunge-fused satire rock, and advertisement audio feed (!?). Indeed, plenty to wrap your brain around – let’s check out the newest from Djang San, Joe. C, Nightmare Factory, as well as the newest compilation from Seippelabel. Yum.

Djang San returns with part two of his thesis on the intermingling soundscapes of the East and the West with Bridges Part 2. While part one leaned more heavily toward the traditional Chinese aspects of folk and rock, part two gets down and dirty, emphasizing it\’s electronic and experimental influences – and gotta say, it\’s all the better for it. From the Italian sonic rambling on ‘An Italian in Beijing’, to the New Order groove of ‘She Said’, to the Franco electro pop of ‘Music Baozi’, Djang San seems more confident than ever, letting his influences encourage him to take larger risks without being tethered down to his ‘thesis’. The cultural boundaries take a bad seat, are because so, the lines are blurred more than ever, and it’s more beautiful than ever. Bask in the Djang San over at their bandcamp.

One of this year\’s pleasantest surprises returns with it\’s next installment – Seippelabel Vol. 2, curated and put together by local musician Brad Seippel (aka thruoutin) continues exploring the sounds of established and up and coming artists with a collection of sounds that range from schizoid guitar-drum filled jams, electronic IDM earworm,s, and melancholic acoustics. The fresh cuts are from Little Punk, Mengqi, Social Boar (David Wilson of Fake Weed), Hong Qile, and Noise Arcade. Solid solid arsenal. Grab it for freebies over at bandcamp.

After years of Nirvana rip offs, grunge is finally making a big comeback. The latest band to take the genre and make it its bitch is Joe. C aka 脚疴 which means ‘Sick in Foot’. The Xiamen trio take the piss out of the just about everything on Graduation, their first full length LP. Substance abuse, sex without the romance, and mental instability -all spewed out with humor and enough bite to warrant a hospital visit. It’s primitive, careless, absurd, bare and almost poetic in it’s own twisted way. And most importantly, it feels dangerous. Not sure what the kids are doing down in Fujian, but they’re up to no good. Rip into Joe C’s debut on xiami.

Looking for a trip to nightmare city — then look no further than the first piece of tomfoolery from CAPITOL TAPES INC. – an internet label specializing in experimental music, based in Beijing and Munich. Their first release by Nightmare Factory (维新噩梦工厂), entitled Hypnosis Therapy, is like an Adult Swim cartoon filtered through Chinese television and directed by David Lynch. I’ll let them explain it better – “You look outside and see a commercial on the house, down the street. You wait for the bus – there\’s ads on the busses. You open Facebook and see ads in the sidebar. We\’re surrounded by advertisements. They\’re everywhere. Not just in the visible world, but they also made it into our subconsciousnesses. 催眠疗法 (Hypnosis Therapy) tells the story of someone\’s therapy session, where fears, desires, confusion and different perspectives meet in a subconscious realm.” Sit back and let the subliminal messages invade your membrane over at their bandcamp.

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