New Releases: Dirge King, The Bricks, LuvPlastik, Noise Arcade


Spring fever is on a rampage – a sadistic take no prisoners rampage. So while I’m stuck in bed, metaphorically speaking, let’s take a look at what new releases are giving me comfort or in some cases much much fatigue. Here’s the latest from pitch black rap moniker Dirge King, Hangzhou ska group The Bricks, newly discovered garage rock revival duo LuvPlastik and analog beats maverick Noise Arcade – check it

Jordan Thomas Mitchell is a jack of all trades – producer, MC, composer – dude gets around like no one’s business. His latest undertaking finds him donning the black as Dirge King, a depraved angry cynical philosophical rapper who spits venom on across the course of nine tracks on the caricatures’ debut (and likely only) album. This is right up my alley – fuming social consensus jaded rap that doesn’t bother with ‘one for the ladies’. And though flow-wise, it doesn’t quite compare to what most of us grew up with, there’s unyielding conviction here – something that the game here and back home desperately needs more of. And production-wise, this baby is firing on all cylinders. Amidst all the heavy bass, preacher-like ranting, and pyrotechnics, Dirge King has released one of 2014’s first surprises. Now that’s entertainment. Grab it over here via 87fei87’s label.

Time for a bit of southern comfort – Hangzhou ska outfit The Bricks popped up on my radar last week with their latest album Juncture Fugue (音渡神游), nine tracks of pure ska bliss. These guys aren’t reinventing the wheel here – nevertheless, what it lacks in originality it makes up for in pure unadulterated love for the genre. There’s a looseness here that’s infectious, a laid back spirit that makes this record the perfect spring companion. Special shoutout to the trumpets and trombone, which give the record some serious old school cred. Give it a listen here and purchase this baby over at Indie Music Store and check out the Hangzhou group at School April 12th.

After I checked out Daniel Taylor last fall at Jainghu Bar, I knew there was untapped potential there – a Captain Beeffart aura if you will, an unhinged frenzied virtuoso which just needed the appropriate outlet. And Luv Plastik might just be that outlet. The rock revival garage duo, which consists of Daniel Taylor on drums and vocals and Daniel Lenk (so many Dans in this friggin city) on guitar just released their EP entitled Electric Fantastic with a little help from local label Jingweir. It’s five flashes of raw, stripped down rock and roll that barrels through a quick ten minutes like a runaway train. And boy, does it sound fun. No complaints here – chalk this under another band I must check out some time soon. Grab the EP over here.

A week or so ago dronehead Noise Arcade was asked to take part in a tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski, the composer and noise musician – well, for those of you cats who missed that event (like myself) you can get a taste of what it sounded like on everyone has their stories – which acts as the artists rehearsals for said event. Perhaps my ears have been tuned into the world of analog beats and tweaked synthesizers but I swear it sounds like Noise Arcade is moving closer and closer to capturing an accessible sound. Now lets bring in the melodies! Grab it over here. Nice cover.

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